Open letter to the guy whose wife I fucked – Short Sex Story

I’m posting this just to get it off my chest, though I don’t feel guilty, far from it.

I know you spend time on here, on these nsfw subs, so I know chances are, you’re reading this.

You know me, I could be an acquaintance, your colleague, your close friend, maybe I’m related to you.

Maybe I use some expressions that guys in your area don’t use, well maybe I’m that guy you know who isn’t from here originally.
Or maybe I just don’t want you to guess who it is?

Have you noticed the spring in her step the last few weeks?
Has she smelt different at any point?
Tasted… different?

If you find out who I am, I’m sure you’ll want to exact some revenge.
To tell my wife?
To try to fuck my wife?

Honestly? It was my wife’s idea.
I’ve been training her to become freeuse after she confessed she liked the idea, I’ve been training her to misbehave and degrade herself in all manner of methods, mostly at home, some in public.

It’s been bringing a side out to both of us that neither of us knew we had.
She is very submissive, and I enjoy, and I mean REALLY enjoy telling her what to do, and how to do it.
It’s boosted our sex drive one hundred fold.

She likes me in this role so much that a couple of weeks back she told me that she’d love to watch me be dominant with another woman.
We’ve been confiding a lot of fetishes we didn’t know we had lately, but I have to admit this one took me aback.

After a lot (and I mean a hell of a lot) of talking we started thinking of women who might be open to it and in the end, we actually went with someone my wife suggested.

I was surprised, since you do know my wife, but not as well as you know me.
So for Wifey to suggest someone like that, married, well to me it showed just how badly she wanted me to misbehave too.

Seducing your loving wife? Well at first I was subtle, I’m good at making her laugh so I knew I could get her to relax.
After that, just some lines here and there to make her think of me a certain way.
Nothing too obvious, I don’t want to out myself as a creep / wife chaser, so I just planted the seed in her head, and simply walked away, and let it grow.

I surprised myself with how confident I was with her, something about knowing I have my wife’s encouragement made me think that even if I struck out it would still lead to some great sex with Wifey.

So knowing I had nothing to lose? It made me the man I all the time wanted to be in these situations, I delivered lines with confidence, I got closer to her than I would’ve before, a gentle touch here and there, she never once protested.

Occasionally my wife would let slip with her how much she enjoyed sex with me, how attentive I was, and how much we wanted a third.

You notice all that overtime she’s been doing lately?
Coming home a couple hours late?
With that big project they’ve got on at work?
She was with me.
Every. Single. Time.

Oh, we weren’t fucking, we’ve only fucked the once (so far), but she was with me, she was with me physically but she was also with me emotionally.
I was buying her drinks, getting her to giggle at my dirty jokes, while she stroked her hair, and looked in my eyes deep, with longing, leaning in to get a closer….look.

Remember a while back when you bought her that lingerie? And you’ve yet to see her in barely any of it?
She wore a set for me.
You’ve got good taste, she looked stunning, ready to be devoured.

She’s more cunning than you even know, she brought her lingerie with her, and a spare pair of those same black cotton panties she all the time wears, so that when she got undressed back at home with you there, you’d be none the wiser.

She showered and made sure her hair was bone dry before leaving.
She made sure we dropped her off a few streets away so you wouldnt see her get out a car.

She requested nothing that would leave a mark, which was hard for me to swallow, cos you and me both know, that ass? BEGGING to be spanked hard.

The sex itself? Now why would I tell you about that? I’m not your bull, she’s not trying to cuck you, she doesn’t plan on telling you any of this.
And neither do I, not in real life, anyway.
If you ask me about this, I’ll play dumb, I’ll lie right to your face.

I’m no homewrecker, I’m not trying to take your wife away from you, I’ve got a wife, who I live very happily with.
This woman is your wife, not mine, to me she’s…….something different, that’s all.

See I like you, truly, I think you’re a stand up guy, and I’ve never once wondered about you during this whole thing before now.
I’m not trying to hurt you, neither is your wife, this isn’t about you.

The sex is for us to enjoy, and we did.
We enjoyed it a lot.

I will tell you that she was loud, very loud, and that she told us she did stuff with us she couldn’t dream of trying with her husband.

I fucked your wife, I liked it, she liked it, my wife liked it, hell, I don’t know who liked it more, that’s why we’re still talking, and well, I’m gonna fuck your wife.

You know me, and I’m fucking your wife.

NSFW: yes

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