One and only time with a guy (maybe?)

So at the time I was a 21(m) and I’m not 100% sure of this but I’m pretty sure I once fucked a guy in the throat. Now mind you I never see guys in that way whatsoever and I was talking to someone on a dating app. We sexted and “she” told me to come over to get sucked off. I was so horny I went to their place and all the lights were off so I couldn’t see. I followed their voice which sounded womanly and next thing I know I’m being throated. I hear gagging noises and I’m told to fuck it so I pin them to the wall and started thrusting, hearing more gagging. I fucked until I came and I left. It felt good, but the more I think about it I might’ve done it with a guy. I never tell anyone because I don’t see guys in that way at all.

NSFW: yes

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  1. mandyinindia

    Doesn’t matter as long as you enjoyed it. By the way, guys are way better than gals in giving head as they know the exact pleasure points of a man. My personal experience and opinion. Agree to disagree.

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