No panties at the gym and a wet leggings


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Recently I’ve been trying to push my limits and see how far and slutty I can go. After going commando to class, with my family, a yoga class or when sleeping with friends, I wondered gym would be the next step.

So last week end I got ready for the gym I didn’t wear any panties under my leggings. And for more challenge I even wore a light grey leggins. Let me tell you that was the best session ever haha.

During the whole workout my pussy was rubbing against the benches and other machines. I was just pretending to workout but in reality I was pleasing myself on the machines. At some point I came accross a mirror and realised my leggings had enormous wet stains which was probably a mix of squirt and sweat. I even had a camel toe. I loved thinking that everyone was watching me because of this, it made me feel so naughty and slutty.

NSFW: yes


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