My (M18) Dance Instructor (F42) was my first…Part 2

I drove home in an utter body fog…still hard, excited, willing and REALLY needing to jerk off while reliving ever y sensation. I couldn’t wait to learn more. Two nights later was the regular dance class with other students. I watched as Claire danced with other students – her lithe slender form bending, swaying and twirling through overarm and underarm turns. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her mouth – recalling how good it felt as it sucked my cock.
I fumbled my way through several Dance couplings, my feet couldn’t seem to move right. As the rotation brought Claire into my arms for my turn, I became a klutzy newbie dancer. Claire couldn’t say anything as her headset mic would have picked it up.
Finally, class ended! Claire asked to speak to me. As students filed out of the hall, I followed her into her little office. “Ryder, what seems to be ze problem tonight?” she asked. I mumbled something…but do recall how close she had come to where she stood right in front of me. She rubbed her hand along the front of my pants as with stern visage she stated. ” Zis…and Dance? Two different t’ings, comprènde?”
I grasped her meaning/warning immediately.
Thursday night came rolling in after what felt like eternity and I met her for my private dance lessons…not at her house ( Damn, I wondered) but rather back at her studio. Claire was ALL company and seemed hellbent to push me (punish me?) for my lousy class effort. ” More heeps, Monsiuer Ryder!!” ” Toe lead crisper!” On and on!! Task after task. After 45 minutes of this torture, I stood feeling whipped, chastised and humiliated. The last lambada song ended on her CD player. The dance hall was dead quiet. Claire looked right at me with fire in her eyes and said. ” THIS ( as she moved through some lambada steps) eez how I expect you to move with THIS” ( as she straight up grabbed my cock through my pants).
“Help me put out ze lights, Ryder” as she moved to the bank of light switches. When all of them were off, Claire took my hand, led me to the big windows overlooking the quiet street below. She turned herself into my arms, pressed me right against the window and said that I needed to learn to pleasure as I had been pleasured.
No sensual foreplay, no movie like stirring music. Just a take charge teacher shedding herself of her dance slacks and thong. ( y’all probably don’t give a fuck about dialogue, right?lol…so straight to it)
Claire clinically pointed and named the parts of her kitty( her word) She guided my tongue, my fingers and my whole mouth through every step..labia, inner lips, clit and hood, gspot and taint. It felt cold and clinical…..until I started to get it. My efforts started to become more instinctual and natural. I could taste her, smell her and feel her reactions becoming heightened. Her clit engorging, the hood sliding back. Her juices starting to flow…her breaths becoming more ragged.
I applied myself to her suggestions and her hand pressure on my head. For a thin lady, she had, what to date, never witnessed since; the hugest clit. As she came, I could feel it jerking like my cock does as I’m cumming.
After her first orgasm., she ked me to one of the couches around the wall and told me to lay down. She stripped off the rest of her clothing…blouse and tiny bra and stood..legs akimbo, hands on hips staring at me. The streetlights back-lit her. I could see threads of her pussy juices dripping from her pussy.
“Zat, Monsiuer Ryder eez step 1. You will learn ze art of pleasing my kitty over and over” ” Now lie down there.”
Over the next hour, she sat on my face..fore and aft, draped herself over the back of the couch like a reverse Slinky!, had her legs locked behind her head. With each position, more instructions, more prompts and ..oh my God..more juices and orgasms that I could have ever imagined. My tongue, mouth and fingers were exhausted and cum slick.
“Ryder, you are ze healthy young man…but until you master pleasing? No cock in my kitty”.
I drove home…yep..left with just jerking off..again

Writers’ note. She was my teacher in both areas for 4 years. I learned a LOT. Part 3 et al required? You tell me!

NSFW: yes

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