his cum on my breast (FM)

We were on the couch, watching something on TV, he was sitting normally and I had my back against his side with his arm around my shoulder, coming to my chest.

I was scratching his forearm while he absently played with my breasts; then I moved on to caress his thigh and with my every movement I felt him stiffen next to me.

I was getting horny and I knew he would soon notice because he says that when I want to have sex my skin has a distinctive smell.

So I turned to him and kissed him immediately, a wet kiss with a lot of tongue, with my lips playing between his and my hand on the crotch of his pants.

Continuing to kiss him, I pulled back the elastic of his boxers and I discovered his erection, I lowered myself taking it in my mouth, this was enough for him to grow out of all proportion.

I went back to kiss him and then I said “Undress” starting to take off my pajamas and being left with only a bralette.

I straddled him and an instant later his cock slid into my wet pussy, making us both moan.

I started riding it, alternating slow and deep strokes with others more superficial and fast, I lowered the edge of my bralette uncovering my breasts, leaving them free to move following my ride before being caught by his hands and mouth.

We moved on the bed while we kissed and asked me if I would like to use one of my sex toys “I want to make you cum so much” he added; “I just want to have you inside me” I replied.

He pushed me onto the bed, putting me on all fours and holding me firmly by the hips, he penetrated me, fucking me.

When he came off, after a second pause I felt his mouth on my little pussy, he was holding my thighs and devouring it, insatiable.

Then he lay down next to me and kissed my back, harpooned me by the pussy – I was still on all fours – and started fucking me with his hand.

My uncontrolled moans and him repeating in my ear that I was gorgeous, that I am his slut and that he wanted to hear me explode.

Shortly after I satisfied him, I had a strong orgasm accompanied by the intense sound of lapping water rising from my little pussy.

Exhausted, I lay down on the bed to catch my breath and he did the same.

“Come here” I whispered “astride me”.

I let him sit on my abdomen and I made his cock discover between my breasts, locking it under the rolled bralette, I squeezed my breasts around his boner and started masturbating him.

He started riding me, moaning. His cock moving back and forth between my tight breasts; I increased my speed and saw his expression change. Orgasm was near.

Moments later he exploded, covering my breasts with his warm cum.

NSFW: yes

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