My Hot Wife and Daughter’s Hotter Friend Sequel Part 2

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Sally’s POV.

I locked the door behind me. I was still pissed at him for getting to have Jess and I hadn’t but I just got a treasure trove of pictures and videos. I started to flip through them and my jaw dropped. The first picture was her on her knees looking up at that big black cock I got a glimpse of in that little video she showed us at dinner. It was gigantic. It was as thick as the top of a soda can and was probably 10 inches.

The next picture was his head against her perfect lips.

Next was a video. It was 5 minutes long. I hit play and sat on my vibrator. I watch as she started to suck that gigantic tool. She stoked his length as she could just fit a little more than his head in her mouth. She took him out of her mouth and sucked his balls. She then rubbed his head over her little nipples and his precum made her nipples wet and hard. Another guy walked up and his cock was pointing at her and his voice said, “God I love you watching suck his big dick”

She said, “I know you do baby, but I think its time for me to get fucked”

The video ended.

The next video started with the other guy who was very fit and had nice abs and arms. Picked her up and bent her over the side of the bed. He walked back to the camera and picked it up and got on the bed and straddled her. The big dicked black guy walked behind her and smacked her ass. The camera was a close up of her ass and pussy and he pressed his head against her slit. He rubbed it up and down her hole and pushed his head inside her.

I was really riding my vibrator hard now and was moaning loader then typical. I really wanted my husband to know he was missing something great.

He finally pushed his cock into her. He bottomed out and still had a couple inches left. The other guys voice said, “thats it honey, fuck him”

I was so jealous. Jealous of the guy for having Jess and jealous she was getting such a fabulous cock.

The other guy started to rub his finger over her but hole and she moaned in response. This made me grab my dildo. I used the suction cup and stuck it to the wall so it would hit me right in my ass as I backed up to it with my vibrator in me.

The guy pushed his finger in her forbidden hole. Her pussy was being stretched to the max with her lips being pulled out of her with every thrust of the other guy.

He then held the phone to the side and bent forward and started to eat her ass as the other guy fucked her.

God this was so fucking hot to watch. I pushed the head of my dildo in my ass and said out loud. “God I love fucking both my holes myself” I knew that would frustrated my husband more than anything as he has never seen me do this.

The video ended and I swiped through the next few pictures and they were close ups of his dick in her in numerous positions. Her little cunt was so pink in contrast of his dark cock and her little landing strip was still perfectly trimmed. What I would kill to taste her again.

The next video started and it was from her POV riding what I now assumed her boyfriend. Her little tits were bouncing and she dug her nails into his muscular chest. He reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled her down to his chest and said, “You want his cock in your ass?”

“Yes baby, I want to be filled.

The camera was shuffled around and it was now from the other guys POV. There was no way she was gonna be able to take that monster cock in her ass. I saw him fill her ass crack with lube and cover his cock. He slowly worked his head into her ass. I pushed my dildo completely into my ass and was dangerously close to finishing. I slowed myself down to a slow grind feeling both my toys move inside me.

I watched as he slowly pushed about 4 inches of his cock into her ass and it was gorgeous. Her butt was perfection and my husbands favorite thing ever and he would die if I ever show this to him. Jess said, “thats the most I cant take, god I am stuffed. Now fuck me”.

I watched as the contrasting dicks of the two guys, one white one black work in and out of her holes. It was mesmerizing. It wasnt much longer and the guys were cumming and she was telling them to fill her up.

When he pulled his big black cock out her ass and and I saw his cum flood out of her asshole down to her cunt that was spilling cum out of it around her boyfriends cock still in her, I lost it. I started to cum and I came so fucking hard. “Thats it! fuck my ass, Fill both my hole” I basically echoed what Jess said to them. I collapsed to the floor and my legs were shaking. I slowly pulled my gold vibrator out of my dripping pussy and just laid there for several minutes.

I opened my phone and locked all the pictures and videos in a folder so he couldnt get to them.

I opened the door and walked out with my dildo still stuck to the wall.

“what the fuck? what did she send you” Mr P demanded.

He was naked and his cock was leaking precum. He was obviously jacking off listening to me.

“Its for me and I am not ready to share with you” I said as I stuck my soaked vibrator to his face.

He eyed it and said, “you made a mess of that” his eyes drifted to the dildo stuck to the wall and continued, “were you really just fucking both your holes?”

“Yes I was and it was an incredible orgasm” I really wanted him to suffer and be jealous.

He said, “well now its my turn” he pulled me to him and kissed me deep.

I responded, “too late hot shot, I am spent, The only thing you’re getting is this sloppy dildo” I held it back to his face again. His hand dropped to his cock and he said, “you are fucking evil”

He pulled me close so my tits pressed against him and he started to jack off. I pushed the tip of my vibrator which was covered in thick white juices from my insides into his mouth. He said, “god I love your taste”

I responded, “clean his cock of my juices”

His eyes went wide surprise. He was 100% straight and would never do such a thing. I pulled the back of his head toward the vibrator and he took more of it in his mouth. He pumped his cock fast and hard and I saw is tongue working to get all my juices off it.

“thats it baby, as good as he fucked me he deserves a clean cock” I dont know why I felt like this was getting even for him getting a BJ from Jess but I was loving it.

“lick all my juices down to his balls” I demanded.

He licked up and down the shaft of my vibrator and collected all my juices. He started to cum and he shot his load all over our floor.

He caught his breathe and said, “what the fuck?”

I responded, “now were even for your BJ. Now you know what I am capable of and you should think about that before you have a go with Jess again without me.”

He asked,”so you are going to show me what she sent now?”

“Not a chance, Ill keep this to myself until I figure out something else I want from you.” I teased.

He huffed in frustration and walked back to the bed and I climbed behind him and rubbed my hand up and down his cum slick cock. I fell asleep holding his cock.


Candace’s POV

My head was spinning and mom and dad left back to their room. That was the most awkward moment of my life. I still could not believe my parents were such freaks. Jess at all times flirted with my dad and of course I have caught him looking at her too many times to count, but I never expected to walk in and see his dick in her mouth. I think I could have died in that moment, but I have to admit Jess looked so sexy with a cock in her mouth, but the fact it was my dad‘s made me want to throw up.

I am relieved that dad isnt cheating but still could not wrap my mind around that my mom has had a threesome and it was with another girl. She at all times seemed so reserved, I guess it explains why I am at all times so fucking horny and have the wildest fantasies. The apple apparently doesnt fall far from the trees.

I picked up my phone and texted Jess.

“You little slut, I just had the two most awkward experiences of my life thanks to you”

She replied, “two?”

“yes two. First seeing you blowing my dad, then the subsequent conversation with both my mom and dad explaining that had a few day fling with you before you and I got together. I mean how fucked up? I cannot believe that you did not tell me! You’re my best friend and for a while much more than that you should have told me?”

She replied, “I know I should have, but I was truthful that first night that I had wanted you for years, I was terrified if I told you, “hey btw I fucked your parents a few nights ago” you would have kicked me out and never spoke to me again”

“you’re probably right, I definitely would not have fooled around with you, at least not in that moment, but I would not have kicked you out or not spoken to you”

She replied, “I’m sorry, I really am”

“I think I can forgive you, I do not want any details, but is there anything else you’re hiding from me?”

She replied, “remember that clear dildo? It was a present from your mom”

Oh my fucking god, I used a sex toy from my mom.

“please tell me it was new when she gave it to you?”

She replied, “do you really want to know?”

I felt my face turn red from embarrassment and being grossed out.


She replied, “It was her’s first, She was not using it anymore as she has a very nice gold vibrator. That’s actually how this got started, I borrowed the vibrator and got caught. But dont worry, that dildo was in me so much after I got it, there was no trace of it being your mom’s anymore”

I do not know why but my heart started beating faster. Something about her getting caught, like I caught her was turning me on. My mind replayed that first night.

“you know how fucked up that is right? I mean it was at some point in my mom. How did you get caught?”

She responded, “you really dont care about that and you know it. How many girls stumble on a toy of their parents or sister and use it out of curiosity? I know you used your hair brush forever, you telling me you would not have traded your hairbrush for something much much better? That was my first, I found a little bullet vib of my sister’s”

I wondered about it and wondered about all the numerous things I used on myself as I first experimented with self pleasure, and she was unfortunately right. Damn her.

“you may have a point, but you did not answer my question”

“the day I snuck it out of your mom’s drawer, I snuck out of your room that night and fucked myself silly with that vibrator on your couch. Apparently your dad saw most of it. He told your mom, and that next morning I used their bathroom to shower because you were using your’s and I got called into work. I knew I should just put it back but I wanted another go with and and used it in the shower. Your mom saw that one and caught me trying to put it back”

My pussy was getting so fucking wet thinking about her fucking herself. She had such a pretty pussy and I loved seeing toys in her.

“you are a horny little slut. You need to control yourself before you get into real trouble. You going to tell your boyfriend, you cheated on him?”

She replied, “I really wasn’t planning on it, but now that you mention it, it might be fun”

I was so confused. Fun? Is she that fucked up that hurting her boyfriend was fun?

“fun? how could that be fun?”

She replied, “because he wouldn’t care”

“I find it hard to believe that your BOYFRIEND would not care you were sucking another man’s dick”

She replied, “trust me he wouldn’t”

“yeah, I’m going to need some explanation”

She replied, “simple, he likes to share me.”

A video followed. I hit play.

My heart skipped a beat. She was laying on her back on the chest of her boyfriend, there was another guy between her legs and they were both thrusting in and out of her. She had another cock in her mouth and was jacking off a massive black dick. My hand went straight to my pussy and I pushed two fingers into me. It played on loop for several minutes as I played with myself.

She replied. “you think I am a real slut now dont you? please don’t judge me… please respond to me”

I giggled to myself, She took my lack of response as judgement.

I took a picture of my fingers in my pussy and responded, “oh yes you are a slut, but it doesnt bother me one bit, very much the opposite”

She responded, “OMG you look delicious, I miss being between your legs and your taste flooding my mouth”

She sent a picture and it was of her on her knees with that black guy’s massive cock in her mouth and her boyfriends cock in her hand.

I was gushing wet now and my pussy was making wet noises as I pushed my fingers in and out of me and rubbed my clit.

“I wish you were here to eat me, I am about to cum. You look so hot with a cock in your mouth, now I have a picture of that and its not my dad‘s cock”

She sent another picture and her boyfriend and the black guy both had their heads in her mouth. My hips started to rock and I shook as I came looking at her take those cocks.

I caught my breathe and typed,”oh my god, you are such a freak, I cannot believe you’re boyfriend is okay with that. I came so fucking hard just now”

She replied, “me too, riding my dildo thinking about sitting on your face while sucking a dick”

I dont know why but I asked, “who’s dick? You apparently have a lot to choose from”

She replied, “you dont want to know”

Gross… she really did have a thing for my dad… a change of subject was needed fast.

“in that first video, were you being double penetrated? It looked like it?”

She replied, “Yeah, Roger was in my ass and John was in my pussy”

My hand moved under my leg and I circled my ass hole with my finger. I never even fantasized about having both holes filled. My ass was slick from my pussy dripping. I got goose bumps from teasing myself and then I pushed my finger into my ass to my middle knuckle. I liked the feeling and wanted to test some more. My other hand slipped down my stomach and I pushed two fingers in to me. Wow, I had to admit this felt really good but I was too sensitive from just cumming and pulled my fingers out and replied.

” that is beyond Kinky. Did hit not hurt? Did you like it?”

She replied. “No, they took their time warming me up and getting inside me. Once I was ready they moved in and out of me. I fucking love it. Before long I was begging to be fuck harder and harder and the obliged.”

“wow, you’re braver than I am, I do not think I could ever do that. It’s 3am, I cant hold my eyes open any longer”

She replied, “I know you could, you’re not as innocent as you like to think. I know you have deep dark fantasies you havent shared with me. Am I still allowed to come over tomorrow?”

She had a point, I was not nearly as open as the things I liked to think about while getting off as she was and I am sure none are as wild as hers, they are kinky in their own right.

“yeah, come over for lunch, I think I have a solution to our main problem now”.


Steve’s POV

I woke up next to Sally and my dick was already hard pressing against her ass. My hand covered her tit and she was sound asleep still. I slowly removed my hand and got her phone. I had to know what Jess sent her. I quickly found out she had already locked them away and I had no hope. I put her phone down and squeezed her nipple and she did not budge.

I was so fucking horny and I drifted to thinking about how good it felt getting blown by Jess last night and how incredibly hot and frustrating it was listening to Sally fuck both her holes and not being able to watch or join.

I adjusted my cock to press against her slit. She was dripping wet. I guess I was not the only one who’s body already craved more from last night. I slowly pushed and grinded against her slit. Normally she would wake up from this but she was still sound asleep. I kept going and felt my head slip inside her lips. I paused for a reaction and she was still barely snoring. This felt naughty taking benefit of her but I wanted to see if I could wake her up with my cock fully in her. For about 15 minutes I slowly worked myself into her until finally my balls were pressing against her opening.

I kissed her neck and said, “wake up baby.” I followed by pinching her nipple a little harder than typical and put my tongue in her ear. She opened her eyes and her whole body tensed then she relaxed and pushed her ass into me.

“This is a great way to wake up, I dont believe I slept through you getting inside me” she said sleepily.

“I’ve been inside you for about 15 minutes. I just got fully in.” I took my hand off her nipple and slid it down between her legs and started small circles on her clit as I pushed in and out of her.

She moaned and said, “well it explains why I was having such a good sex dream”

I said, “I think you were dreaming before I got started, you were already soaked when I woke up”

She reached for her breast and rubbed them as I continued.

“tell me about this dream” I asked

She stayed silent but closed her eyes. This had to be good.

“I am waiting.” I prompted with a deep thrust inside her.

“I dont think you really want to know” she said.

I responded, “Oh yes the hell I do”

She pinched her nipples and said, “I was riding that massive black cock in the video she showed us at dinner and Jess was sitting on my face’

“that sounds hot. And where was I?” I teased.

“like I said, you didnt really want to know… I was taking that big cock and having Jess without you” she said.

Her pussy was tightening around me and I knew she was getting close.

“You can have Jess without me, but never another guy, especially one with a dick that big.” I said in her ear.

“So I could have him with you?” she prompted and her hips started to move faster.

I did not think of how what I said could be interrupted as that.

“As long as Jess was with us, him and I would fuck you senseless” I said

She started cumming and reached back and pulled my hair and head to her neck. I kissed and sucked her neck and started to fill her insides. “yes baby, fill me” I pumped in and out of her us both riding our orgasms as long as feasible before my cock softened inside her.

We laid there together not saying a word. Just peaceful, physically connected as one body. She looked back and kissed me. “I really love you, not just for the great sex, you are a wonderful husband and father. Im a lucky girl to have it all, a great man and a fantastic freak of a lover” she said

I kissed her some more and said, “you’re lucky? have you seen how hot you are? you know most of my friends get sex once or twice a month, and they would all take you to bed over their own wives. You are always the hottest women in the room. You’re a brilliant, successful women who somehow I convinced to marry me. You could take away all sex and I would still be looking to please you in whatever way you needed every day”

She smiled at me and said, “that was sweet enough for me to tell you one of the things she sent me last night. I have a picture of her on her knees with that big black cock in her mouth”

I bit my lip and started to speak and she cut me off, “I said, tell you, not show you”

She rolled over and stood up and my cum leaked out of her. “I’m going to get cleaned up. Will you make some coffee and maybe some eggs?”

“of course” I said. I watch her as she her perfect ass walked to the bathroom and strands of cum and her juices hung between her legs. God I loved when she was a sloppy mess. I wanted to get on my knees and eat her until she came again but I knew this wasnt the right time.

I through on some shorts and a tshirt and went into the kitchen and put on some coffee. I was waiting on it to brew when Candace walked in. My heart skipped and I didnt know what to do or say. She sat at the island bar and said, “good morning daddy. Last night was terrible but I have a way for you to make it up to me”

I was so glad she broke the ice but knew she wanted something big to use this as a leverage tool.

“okay, what exactly is that?” I asked cautiously.

“well you know my bday is this weekend, Jess and I have been planning a party but the issue is, where to have it. Jess is still only 20, and so are several of our friends. So we are going to have it here.”

She said it with such confidence that she knew I was not gonna say no.

“what type of party we talking here? How many people?”

Candace said, “Not too many, Maybe, 10 to 15 people. Just some friends from school and few people Jess knows.”

“thats not too bad, but a couple conditions, any one who’s had too much to drink stays here for the night, and any one under 21 that has any to drink stays the night” I said.

Candace seemed happy with herself and said, “deal as long as you promise that I wont walk in on you with one of my other friends”

“No, Jess is the only exception for us.” I said.

She said, “I rather not know if anything ever happens again with that. I’m not even sure if I forgive you and mom yet.”

“that’s understandable, We never wanted to put you in an weird situation. It happened quick and got out of control” I said.

“well I am going to need you to control yourself, she is coming over in a bit.”

Candace got up and went to her room. As Sally we coming into the kitchen. They said hey to each other as they passed and I fixed Sally a cup of coffee.

“so, it looks like we are going to have 10 to 15 drunk college kids here Saturday night” I said

“um… you want to run that by me again?” Sally said confused.

“welp Candace said that is how we could make it up to her and I agreed. Jess is coming over in a little bit to help plan I guess… I think we should head out for the day and leave them be.” I suggested.

“sounds good to to me, hold the eggs then, we can go get breakfast.”

We went back to our room and got dressed and told Candace we would be out for a while on the way out the door”

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