My friend physically and emotionally seduced my fiancée

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NSFW: yes

***tl;dr: my friend fucked my (ex) fiancée after a party. She felt bad for giving into him at first, but continued to sleep with him after coming to peace with herself. She eventually caught strong feelings for him and he ultimately got her pregnant***

I was engaged to a gorgeous girl, Arielle (or Ari) up to a few years ago when we ended things. She was a 5’3” ~125 lbs. curvy and gorgeous Latina. She was brought up conservative and Catholic. Although we loved each other and had been together for 6 or so years, she had *one* “Golden Rule” when it came to sex. She would not let me (or anyone) come inside of her. Her reason being she had lost her virginity to her ex who treated her like crap and then cheated on her, so she made a promise to herself that she would only allow her future husband to have this privilege after her wedding night.

Midway through our relationship, I revealed my kink to her – that I was turned on by the wondered of her being with other men. She initially hated this idea, but shared some of her “hot past” stories involving her ex-boyfriends, regardless. Eventually, she grew tired and frustrated at the fact that she had to tell me these stories over and over for me to get off.

Our relationship grew stale after a few years. I also started working long hours and she was very vocal about us not spending enough time together. This also led to less and less sex as time passed. She blamed herself as to why we weren’t having as much sex as we used to. She wanted to feel better about herself, so she joined a Pilates gym and started working out regularly.

One day out of the blue, and as my 26th birthday approached, she said she was planning a party for me at one of the hottest Latin night clubs in town. As we got closer to the day, she asked what I wanted her to wear, as it was *my* party. Being very much into leather clothing, I asked if she could wear her leather leggings, a crop top, a leather jacket, and heels.

I joked about her being quite the head-turner, and how she was probably gonna get asked to dance by random guys at the club. She joked back saying that was the point of getting all “dolled-up”. She was certainly more open about being other men compared to the beginning of our relationship.

I invited a few of my friends to the party, but 90% of the attendees were friends of her’s. There was one of my buddies which I did invite, and little did I know that his attendance that night would change Ari’s life forever. His name was Victor and he was a bit on the younger side, 22, while Ari was 26. He was also *very* trendy with the ladies.

At the party, I tried to dance with Ari, but I just couldn’t keep up. She joked and played this off, but I noticed her genuine disappointment as most of her friends were having fun on the dance floor with guys whom had asked them out to dance.

I was in the middle of small talk with Victor when I glanced over at Ari sitting and drinking alone. I told him to follow me over to her and introduced them to each other. There was some chit-chat until I suggested that he should take her out to dance.

They both loved the idea and practically ran over to the dance floor upon agreement. It was so arousing to watch Ari dance with Victor. He grabbed on to her waist confidently as he held her close to him while they danced.

They danced song after song as the night went on and didn’t seem to want to let go of each other. They had hit it off perfectly and at this point, all of our group had caught on at how attracted they were to each other. At one point, Ari had gone back to the table to take her jacket and heels off, then quickly went back to Victor wearing only her crop top and leather leggings.

By the time last-call was announced, our guests left and Victor, Ari and I were the last three people standing. We decided to take this back home. Once home, Arielle washed up had changed her heels for some flip-flops, put her hair into a ponytail, but kept the crop top and leather leggings. She looked incredible as every curve in her fit body was outlined by her tight, sexy clothes.

A romantic ballad came on and Victor quickly took Ari again in his arms. He teased her as he moved his hands through her lower back… just coming up short of her bubble-butt.

They paused the dancing. She looked into his eyes. Then, they *kissed* …slowly and sensually. He held her by the waist and she rested her hands on his shoulders and then caressed his face while their lips and tongues played with each other’s.

The kissing eventually led to her pushing him onto the couch, then riding on top of him to continue their make out session. She dropped her flip-flops as they made out, then got down on her knees as she began sucking him off passionately.

The inevitable was next, so Victor picked her up and carried her to our master bedroom. He threw her on the bed and made his way in between her legs. She wrapped her legs around him and curled her toes as they continued to kiss deeply.

Victor then aggressively stripped her of her leather leggings and her thong. He took off all of his clothes as well and got his 9” cock with his right hand, then teased her by only putting in the tip. She cried out and begged him for all of it.

After watching her beg for his cock, he finally put the final nail on the coffin and went completely inside of her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He thrust softly as he kissed her.

She moaned loudly from the pleasure as she creamed all over Victors’s cock. Meanwhile, he felt like a king as he fucked her senseless, like a rag doll and in just about every position imaginable.

Finally, Victor flipped her over in missionary position and hugged her tightly. “Fuck!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. He kept thrusting hard and then gradually slower as he dumped his thick load inside Ari. His cum oozed out of her as they embraced in the afterglow, kissing and caressing. However, this only went on for a few seconds before reality finally hit.

Ari suddenly pushed him away. She had been saving this moment for marriage, and she had just thrown it all away. She felt dirty and ruined.

In the following days and weeks, Ari went into a deep depression. She blamed herself for being careless and not respecting our relationship.

In the immediate days after the incident, Victor was mature about the situation and reached out to Ari and I to apologize about what had happened. I confessed I was okay with what had happened and explained my kink (which of course, was met with some confusion). But as far as forgiving him, it was ultimately up to her.

There was a lot of comforting that ensued to get her to cheer up again in the weeks after. Eventually, the gossip died down and Ari accepted what happened between her and Victor. She kept ignoring his apology requests, but I suggested that holding a grudge against him was probably not good for her emotional well-being either. After all, we were also to blame as Victor *did* get caught in the crossfire of our fantasies and relationship issues.

In the following months, we were back to arguing as she felt lonely due to me working so much. I kept insisting on her to accept Victor’s apology. I saw how happy and free she felt around him, and I wanted him to keep satisfying her needs.

She was hesitant, but eventually, she gave in and replied to his texts.

They spoke of their night together and he apologized for taking things too far. She apologized for objectifying him and using him as a distraction from our relationship issues. Of course, he didn’t mind and even offered to be whatever we needed him to be. He was also very insistent on her going over to his place to “talk”. He had learned of her depression and wanted to make things right between them.

She agreed to his request and went over to his place. She really liked him and wondered he was a great guy despite their wild encounter.

Little did I know that by allowing this second encounter, I had sealed my fate.

Victor fucked her senselessly again at his place that night… countless times. She confessed that they fucked all night and genuinely lost count of how many times they had sex.

Throughout the following weeks, she wanted more of him. Then more. Then some more. It started out with one day per week, rapidly increasing to sometimes four days a week. Victor had completely seduced her, but I had also never seen her happier.

At around the 3 month mark, she confessed she had developed feelings for him. Those feelings kept growing and growing, until she finally confessed she had completely fallen in love with him.

They continued to be “official” FWBs for almost a year, all while she and I were still engaged (if that still meant anything). Victor had the liberty to see other girls and Ari was okay with this as long as Victor didn’t bring them up.

As time passed, Victor kept seeing other girls apart from Ari, but got carried away one night and got one of them pregnant. This tore Ari down as Victor eventually became unavailable, having to couple up with his his new girlfriend. For the duration of the other girl’s pregnancy, Ari tried to recover from her relationship with Victor. She had completely given herself to him and it took a lot of strength for her to get back on her feet.

As for us, we figured the best next step for us was to finally tie the knot. Since Victor was out of our lives, we wondered it was best to finally begin plans for our wedding and carry on with our lives.

That didn’t go according to plan.

One day, Victor messaged Ari out of the blue and gave her some news: he had ended things with his girlfriend and wanted Ari again. She was somewhat offended but deep down inside, she was happy he was back in her life. She was hesitant for a couple of days but couldn’t help but respond, given her feelings for him.

Eventually, she caved in.

They started sleeping with each other again, waking up those feelings inside of her. He became her obsession and wanted to be with him every day.

Then, the final turning point finally came.I won’t ever forget the day when she broke the news to me. She had been feeling sick and had been hiding it from me for a few days. She took a pregnancy test and sure enough, Victor had gotten *her* pregnant.

We tried to stay together, but it was impossible. We had hurt each other beyond repair. Although I was eager to stay with her despite having Victor’s baby growing inside of her, other things kept us fighting. We grew tired of each other and eventually broke up.

In the aftermath, Victor and Ari never officially dated, even after we broke up. However, she continued to sleep with him. She desperately tried to get him to date her and make him change his methods, but Victor was keen on staying single.

Ari and I went our separate methods, but I kept touch with Victor, ironically. We message each other every so often. He says they continue to sleep with each other, although not as regularly.

As for Ari, she continues to be heels over head with Victor. In her eyes, there’s not a man more perfect than him. She even vowed to remain single in hope that one day Victor and her will be “official”. She remains single to this day.

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