My flatmate told me that his ex never let him finish in her mouth and rarely blew him so I sucked him dry [25F]

My flatmate (quite ok looking, a bit chubby but handsome and really cool dude) is currently going through a tough breakup with his bitchy ex. Like not only did she leave him but she also makes a issue out of everything, moving out outta nowhere and claiming he still has some of her stuff that has already been taken, overall nightmare. But not about that.

We all had some evening drinks, just a couple of beers and I’m usually the one to get drunk the fastest. He wasn’t gonna work so he didn’t care and somehow when everyone left we stayed and chatted a bit more.I asked him about the ex and he began to tell ma about all the crazy shit she pulled off last couple of months. At some point I just snorted at something dumb she did and commented:- Well, I just hope that ass and head was worth all the trouble.He looked embarrassed for a moment and just replied:- Ass was ok, but head was non-existent to be fair.I glazed at him surprised

– You mean she didn’t suck your dick? Lol, what a princess.

– Well she sometimes did but never till the end if you know what I mean…

– You poor thing – I just said and we’ve changed topic.

However this subject came back in the conversation few more times and to be fair a was a bit tipsy at the time. So I started asking him more and more inappropriate and sexual questions and he was getting a bit less embarrassed to tell me.He stood up saying he’s gonna sleep and I could see his dick got hard in his trousers from all the talk we just had.

As said I was pretty tipsy and when I am I sometimes cannot stop myself from stupid comments so I said:- You ain’t gonna sleep, you’re gonna wank aren’t you?

I could see him blush but he didn’t say anything, which only made me want to talk more shit.

– Who are you gonna think about? That bitch or me?

He rubbed his forehead a bit looking down and I could see he’s wondering if he should response or just leave.

– C’mon answer I won’t bite or anything, won’t tell anyone either.

– I was just thinking about watching some good bj porn.

– Porn – I snorted – I can show you some porn if you want, all you gotta do is ask.

– Ask what?

– To blow you.

– What?

– I can blow you. Just ask

.It went quiet for a long moment. He was probably thinking if he should and I was thinking how my stupid mouth got me into this. I looked up at him, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

– Wanna suck my dick? – he finally said looking me in the eyes.

– Sure – I replied – Go wash it and come see me in my room.

I stood up and went to my room bouncing off the walls a little bit. Damn ciders. When I got in I took my top and trousers off, waiting for him only in my undies. He knocked on my door. I opened.

– Why the fuck do you knock, want to wake someone up?

– Sorry – he replied quietly and froze as he saw me half naked. He slowly went inside. I lit the room only by a small desk lamp so it was pretty dark, but bright enough for him to see me.

– Take off those bloody trousers and take a sit – I said and took a rubber to tie my hair.He sat down and I could see he’s hard as hell inside hix boxers.

– Boxers too – I said

– C’mon don’t be shy.

As he took them off I knelt in front of him. His dick was looking quite good. Shaven and well maintained, not the largest but acceptable. Veiny and hard, tip covered with precum.

I grabbed it and licked the whole thing and put it in my mouth. I have to say that was one of the more passionate blowjobs I did in a long time. I just wanted him to have an extremely good time and also I just wanted to show-off my skill so he can see how much better I am than his bitch ex. I’m kinda competitive like that.He lied down on my bed as I took good care of his balls and entire cock, making it super wet and taking it as deep as I could. He risen up again and I looked up like a good girl.

– Will you swallow? – he asked, but actually he could barely talk

.- Mmmmhmmm – I replied with my mouth full of his pulsating cock.Soon after he exploded.

One two three, break, four, five, break, six, seven cumshots in my throat, he made me almost choke on the amount he released. I slowly began to swallow his cum, not releasing his cock from my mouth. I could see he was breathing heavily and looking at me with ave. I licked his cum of off my hand and looked up at him with my tongue out showing that it’s all gone.

– You’re fucking crazy – he whispered – I love it.

– Just don’t fall in love with me sweetheart – I replied handing him his boxers.

Relax, I don’t really feel like relationships or anything.

– I know hun – I replied.

Soon later he quietly left my room making sure nobody saw him.

We only met briefly in the morning and said hi. He won’t be home until next Tuesday as he went to his friend or something. I wonder what will happen when he’s back. I’m kinda hungry for more.

NSFW: yes

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