My First Swinging Experience pt3 – Short Sex Story

The last glimpse of our story was left with me sinking my tongue deep inside the other wife while my wife was being finger fucked by this other man

The only thing going through my head at this point was—what is gonna happen next—since I didn’t know how these situations progress. I decided that the other wife was far too wet to not slip my cock inside her, but I’ve never been with anyone but my wife. I flip her over and I look over at my wife. At this time the other man scooped my wife up by the back of the neck to pull her close to his face. The wife of the other man leaned over and starts to make out with my wife.

Again, my cock is throbbing and now my wife is making out with this dripping wet woman—so I slip my cock inside the other wife and begin to slowly thrust my hips back and forth. The other husband proceeds to do the same with my wife. The sound of them making out combined with the sound of their wet pussys being fucked filled the room.

In between the thrusts and sloshing of their pussy juices, my wife leans back and moans. My heart is racing, I can’t believe this is happening. The other wife pulls my wet cock out and jumps on top of my wife’s face. Facing her back to her own husband, she sits on my wife’s face and my wife starts to eat her out. She looks over her shoulder to tell me to come onto the bed so she can suck my cock as she’s craving it in her mouth.

I get onto the bed, and my cock slips into her mouth. She’s moaning in between each head motion as my wife is eating her pussy with full passion. My wife is moaning because this man is slowly thrusting back and forth. I can’t believe my eyes.

The other wife looks at me, she slides my cock out of her mouth dripping wet with her spit and cum from her pussy and says to me “let your wife show me how you like it.” She hops off of my wife and leans down as she guides my cock in my wife’s mouth. My wife going deeper on my dick with every thrust of the other man, as the other wife rubs her clit. The moans, dick sucking, and the visual scene was something you only dreamed of.

The woman rubbing my wife’s clit soon led to her stroking her husbands cock, which left them looking at us to make the next move. I then forcefully flipped my wife over ass in the air. She was spread open for me, left dripping wet by the other couple, begging for me to sink my cock deep inside her. As I thrust deep inside her, she squeezes the wife hotel sheets with pleasure. The other woman leans over my wife resting her head on on my wife’s wonderful ass just watching me slide it and out as her husband gets ready to bury his cock deep inside her. She looks up at me and take her hands and spreads my wife’s ass admiring every inch. She reaches down grazing my cock with her fingers collection some of my wife’s cum and starts rubbing my wife’s asshole, I can hear my wife’s moans amplify. Being so distracted I look up and my wife is rubbing the other woman’s clit while she is getting fucked by her husband. What a visual scene to reminisce on.

I take this scene all in as I am not sure if I’ll ever get to see it again. My wife and this girl have such a sexual connection they just know exactly what each other needs.
Bent over rubbing this girl’s clit, my wife sits up slightly to where her face meets the other wives’. Both being jointed by the thrusting they were getting from behind, they try to have their lips meet. The tension between this makes everyone’s heart beat faster. The other man pushes his wife forward by using his hips. Finally the girl’s lips meet. , the passion behind the make out at this point was taking over their whole bodies. I could feel my wife getting wetter the more the other girl stuck her tongue In her mouth. My wife moaning, sits up all the way and the girl copies . Our cocks slip out of our wives at this point. Their hands run across each other’s bodies. The girl grabs my wife’s tight ass and squeezes it with a purpose.

I lay on my back and slide myself under my wife so that I can tongue fuck her while she makes out with this girl.
But they had other plans. The girl motions my wife back so that we are in the position for my wife to ride me while I eat the other girl’s dripping wet pussy. I catch a glimpse of the other gentleman sitting on the bed stroking his cock before I begin to lick up and down while my wife bounces up and down.
Pt.4 the climax coming soon

NSFW: yes

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