My First Steamy Encounter: A Reddit Sex Story (41F)

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During my final year of college, as the captain of the field hockey team, I found myself in London for a thrilling tournament. It was during this trip that I crossed paths with the captain of an opposing all-girls college. The connection between us was instant, and we decided to meet up at the hotel pub to unwind before our big game.

Over pints of ale, we engaged in lighthearted banter about our respective schools. As the conversation progressed, it took a turn towards more personal matters. I confessed that I missed my boyfriend dearly, while she confessed that she didn’t have a boyfriend but still managed to fulfill her needs while away. This piqued my curiosity and sent a tingling anticipation through me.

Ordering another round of drinks, we found ourselves getting more comfortable. Sitting next to each other, she discreetly texted someone on her phone. I assumed it was just a message to her family back home or perhaps a close friend.

To my surprise, within minutes, her coach appeared. He was a man who exuded confidence and radiated a magnetic charm. His tanned, toned physique revealed a dedication to fitness that left me in awe. Despite the age difference, his body was that of a 25-year-old gym enthusiast. His arrival set off a spark of desire within me that I couldn’t ignore.

Unable to withstand his allure, I was about to make excuses to leave and indulge in some steamy phone time with my boyfriend. But fate had other plans. My intriguing friend placed her hand provocatively on my thigh, much higher than I anticipated. She introduced me to her coach, referring to me as the player from the opposing team. The combination of her touch and the coach’s magnetic presence sent electricity coursing through my veins. My stomach fluttered with anticipation, and my body longed for more.

Wasting no time, the three of us engaged in conversation. Amidst the chatter, her hand remained firmly on my thigh, fueling my desires. The coach seemed surprised that it had taken until my final year for him to hear about me, and yet found it amusing in his own way.

As I finished my pint, announcing that it was time for me to retire to my room and prepare for bed, the coach subtly slid his foot up my toned leg, stopping near the sensitive area behind my knee. His Spanish accent, dripping with confidence, sent a shiver of anticipation through me. “Even after these drinks, I can’t rest without… a little top-off,” he hinted playfully.

Amidst laughter, my friend chimed in, suggesting that I might not be into such things. Uncertain, I looked at her, innocence and naivety evident in my eyes, as my previous experiences were solely with my boyfriend.

“Come on,” the coach said, rising from his seat. “We’ll show you.” Entranced by their magnetism, my willing pussy leading the way, we followed them into the elevator and ascended to the 6th floor. I remained silent, listening to their conversation about how this was their favorite part.

Arriving at the room, I presumed it to be the coach’s suite, as it boasted a hot tub in the bedroom. The moment the door closed, clothes began to shed. Their bodies, sculpted by angels, were a vision to behold. Their passionate kisses filled the room, and the sound of the hot tub faucet being turned on heightened my excitement.

“Come on, babe,” my friend said with a sweet smile. “We don’t bite… unless you ask nicely.” Her words lingered in the air, tempting and seductive.

I hesitated, mentioning my boyfriend, but the coach approached me, his voice almost a whisper in my ear. “What about a girlfriend?” His unwavering confidence sent shivers down my spine, and a mix of goosebumps and warmth enveloped me. All I could manage was a timid “no…”

As he began to remove my shirt, I allowed it, surrendering to the intoxicating desire in the room. There I stood, exposed and vulnerable, my breasts bare before these two strangers. My friend closed the distance between us, her lips crashing against mine in a passionate embrace. Without thinking, I slid my shorts and underwear down, and she wasted no time slipping her fingers into my dripping wetness. Ecstasy flooded my senses as she expertly hit all the right spots.

Lost in the pleasure, my eyes couldn’t help but fixate on the coach’s rock-hard erection. He smiled, gratified by the sight of my arousal. Approaching us, he gently removed her hand from between my thighs and guided it towards his throbbing member. “If I can’t touch her myself, let her juices be the lube,” he commanded softly.

As I sat there, mesmerized, my friend used her skilled hand to pleasure him, capturing his release with a devilish smile before swallowing it down. They both turned their attention to me, their eyes filled with a mixture of desire, anticipation, and invitation.

“Feel free to join us in the hot tub,” he suggested, motioning towards the steaming water. My gaze flickered between the inviting tub and my discarded clothes. “I should be getting back,” I said, torn between temptation and loyalty to my boyfriend. They slipped into the intoxicating embrace of the hot tub, leaving me to contemplate my decision.

“Are you coming back tomorrow?” she asked, the invitation evident in her voice. “We could do it all over again.”

In that moment, uncertainty gripped me. What if my boyfriend somehow sensed my secret indulgence? Willing to quell my racing thoughts, I hurried back to my room and dialed his number. As we discussed the events of my day, excitement took hold, igniting a fiery passion within us. Our phone sex that night would become the most explosive and unforgettable encounter we had ever shared.

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