my first bi experience

Back when I (M23 at the time) went to university, we had a trip to Brussels to learn about EU. We were about 50 people on the trip. I shared my room with a friend of mine from my class. There weren’t a lot of guys on this trip, as our classes were most women.
So we ended up being the go-to for planning trips to bars etc.
One night when we got back from the bar earlier than the other days, we had a classmate come with us to have a drink in our room. She was a petite, very hot girl.

We were all drunk and the talk got more intimate. Eventually we started daring eachother, mostly to get her to undress and maybe more, but she was a tough bargain.

She told us that she would loose her top and bra if we both got naked. A few quick glances at eachother and we took off everything. She probably didn’t expect this, bit we laughed at it everyone and eventually she took her to off, revealing small, perky tits.

We tried to get her to undress as well, but she told us she would take off her pants if we would jerk eachother off. That took a bit of convincing, but eventually we reached over to eachother and started jerking off. We was a bit smaller than me, but would still say he was average/sightly above. Did so for a few minutes and she took her pants off meanwhile. She was wearing a small black thong.
Then she just said “now blow eachother”. Didn’t mention what she would do. My friend turned her down and let go of my cock. She laughed a lot by then. I looked at both of them and said “I’ll do it if you do it, if you’ll do me” to her. She looked like of frightened but agreed and my friend agreed if she’d suck him off as well. So I leaned over ( we were sitting on a king size bed with her a down by the feet) and started blowing him. The taste surprised me a bit, but I liked. Took him as far as I could. This went on for maybe a minute or so, then I felt her pushing my hips backwards, her hand on my cock and then soon after her lips.
I jerked him off while blowing him and he moaned silently. He pulled my head away at some point and she continued to suck me of. It didn’t take too long for me to cum. I warned her and she pulled away and jerked me off onto her tits. After a quick word wipe she turned to the other guy and blew him. He came very quickly, again with her pulling away and him cumming over her chest. As she finished him, i notched she had slipped out of her panties at some point. They were laying next to me and she pretty shaved pussy was showing. We didn’t do more that night, but I’m pretty sure she must’ve played with herself as she blew me.

NSFW: yes

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