My best friend’s mom

K and I were best friends for almost our entire childhood. From elementary college we were as close as two kids could be. Our mom’s worked together and we would spend two hours a day at the nursing home after college helping each other with homework and talking with residents until our parents got off. In our teenage years, I started to really notice his mom. It was a running joke that we were gonna run a train on her but there was all the time a hint of truth when I wondered about how gorgeous she was. Long legs with a perfect ass, slim, but curvy in all of the right places, she would all the time dress in tight shorts and crop tops that showed just enough. Every time I looked at her my dick would begin to throb. A couple years after graduation, I got CNA certified and got a night shift job at the nursing home that our moms worked at. I would see her in passing every day and our little hugs never felt quite innocent. Every single day she would grab me a little tighter, kiss me on the cheek, and I would feel her body completely engulfed by mine, so delicate, her lips were so soft, but I would tell myself every single day that everything about thinking of her was wrong. A couple months passed and K invited me to a Christmas Eve party at his mom’s river house. When I got there and saw her in her tight red dress my eyes bugged out and I almost dropped the dressing I brought. She looked damned hot. I knew there was no way I would make it through the night, but there were other people to distract me. After a tense dinner, trying not to think of all of the dirty things I wanted to do to my best friend’s mom, I excused myself and walked down to the river to take a few deep breaths and stop my mind from racing, but every time I tried to clear my mind I saw her tight body and that gorgeous smile. I felt the friction of my cock pressing into my jeans when I heard footsteps approaching.
“Gods child, I thought you got lost out here, are you okay?”
I didnt have to turn around to know who it was, her voice was as pure as a bell and would all the time be pinned in my mind.
“I’m okay, just needed some air. I’ll come back in soon, you got a party to host ma.”
“Well it ain’t really a party if my favorite guest is out his skipping rocks and twiddling thumbs by the river is it?” She asked while taking a seat on a rock and dipping her feet into the water. Her pale skin glowed I’m the moonlight and little ruby colored studs glimmered all over her dress, it made her look ethereal and my dick started to twinge.
“I guess not huh. Miss J you look amazing tonight, love the dress.” My nerves were completely broken, I had my hands in my pocket to try to cover up the fact that my cock was enragingly hard and hoping it was dark enough that she wouldn’t notice it.
“Really? Thanks. I was wondering if it would be too much, you would love the set I have under it, here look-stop it its just like I’m in a bikini.” I covered my eyes and turned around like a good gentleman should but couldn’t bring myself to move any further or say anything, of course I wanted to see everything, it’s all that was on my mind for hours now. She grabbed my hand and gave it a hard yank, spinning me around and gods was she right. A lacey red bra that showed her pierced nipples and a matching black thong with a red lace band with a little flower on the front that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.
“Um… wow.” I said with a goofy blush. Damned idiot what sort of stupid response was that just shut the hell up and let the lady get dressed- stupid, stupid, stupid. It’s not like she wants you or anything she’s just proud and showing off.
She giggled and hugged me softly from behind and rubbed her hands across my chest and whispered in my ear, “I showed you mine, show me yours.” She unbuttoned the top button off my shirt with one hand and loosened my belt. With a gulp I obliged and started to strip, I don’t know why she chose now of all times to show interest, but there was no way in heaven or hell that I was gonna let the opportunity die. I turned around and pulled her to me wrapping her in a tight hold and grabbed a handful of her hair exposing her throat so I could trail kisses down her neck. She let out a breathy moan. I took a step back and laughed while I took off my clothes. There were so many words in my mind but they could wait until later.
She started stroking my cock and I rubbed her surprisingly pierced clit through her panties. I walked her back to the smooth rock and sat her down, twisted my hands into the thin wet fabric and ripped it off which earned me a bewildered and slightly angry face, maybe should’ve just pulled them down but fuck it, I could all the time replace them, I wanted to get at that sweet little cunt. I dropped to my knees and licked in between those little studs, sucking her clip into my mouth hard. She was writhing under me while I did all I could to to please her with my mouth. I stuck one finger into her while massaging that little bundle of nerves with my tounge and she tightened around it. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled her up and kissed her deeply while rubbing my dick around her pussy.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, as badly as it would hurt if she said no, this was still just so wrong.
“Shut up and fuck me J.”
That did it, those words brought out something almost animalistic in me and I did exactly what she asked for, I fucked her. Hard.
I stood up and plunged my dick into her, pulling her legs over my shoulder before I wrapped my arms around her back and lifted her up pumping into her with reckless abandon. Her moans turned into screams as i felt her tighten around me again. She leaned her head back and roared out her orgasm, but I wasn’t don’t yet I dreamed of this exact moment for much too long to leave it at that. I wanted my dick to be her only wondered after we were done. I put her down and turned her around, she bent over the rock and I squated down easily sheating myself into her again.
I rubbed her clit in time with my thrusts and pulled another orgasm out of her before I turned her around and laid her back down on the rock. Her face was flushed and her eyes were in a sexy haze as I entered her yet again. I pulled one of her tits out of her bra and rubbed her nipple between two fingers as I held her down, pound into her hard and fast. She pushed to her elbows and we kissed. Her breathy moans blowing into my mouth, I loved the taste of her.
Fuck, I can’t hold it, come with me baby” I said. I felt her tighten again and I sped up, releasing while she pulsed around my cock. I lifted her bodily again and sat down, my cock still inside of her, both of us still pulsing, I sat her this gorgeous woman making slow movements on my lap wondering how I was ever gonna look K in the eyes again.

NSFW: yes

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