My best friend invited me to taste her breasts

This was years ago, when I (male) was hanging out with my best friend (female) of the time. She invited me to hang out at her place and watch some awards show together.

We were very close and she had already made a number of innuendo-filled comments to me. I remember her saying that I’d be welcome to see her breasts if I wanted, which I took as a joke. She was extremely buxom, short and cute. I jerked off to her many times to the idea of fucking her, but was too shy to cross that boundary.

So we are hanging out in her bedroom in her parents home. We begin watching the award show and for some reason (hanging out in a cute girl’s bed maybe) I noticed I was erect. For some reason, I made a joke saying “wow awards shows always make me hard.”

She responded with “are you sure its not because you’re in bed with a hot girl?” I laughed and said no, but found her reaction encouraging.

Eventually the show wrapped up and we were chatting. And I said to her out of the blue “hey is that offer still on the table?”

“Which offer?” She said.

“The one to see you top less.” I said.

Not sure why I said that, other than an incredible amount of horniness. I tried to backpedal and make it sound like a joke, but then suddenly she was taking off her shirt. Her tits were enormous and were barely held inside her bra. Without saying anything she unclipped her bra and her enormous breasts came spilling out. I was ogling them, and started to touch them. My hands were all over, my fingers rubbing her nipples around.

She asked if I liked them and I said yeah. She said they were a pain in the ass because they were so big, and I said I didn’t mind. Then she asked if I wanted to taste them. I said sure.

Fucking shit. I found out right there I had a kink for sucking on tits, and it felt amazing. Her skin was so soft, and her boobs were so much fun to play with. I was in actual heaven. My dick was rock hard.

Then she said I should return the favour and it was only fair if she saw my cock. It was out of my pants within seconds, and she began stroking it as I continued to dine on her chest.

She tasted so good and I could feel my dick throbbed. I wanted to badly to toss her down and shove my cock between her tits, but I never did.

I definitely didn’t last long as I soon came all over her bedsheets.

We never even kissed and I didnt enter her pants. I said thanks and we found some paper towels to quickly clean up the mess. Soon another friend we had invited came over, and we had to pretend the bed we were hanging out in wasn’t covered in my cum.

This wasn’t the last time this friend and I fooled around but maybe I’ll distribute that another time.

NSFW: yes

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