My adventures with Mrs. P -Part 2

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NSFW: yes

So this is the continuation of my adventures Mrs. P

So the next day when I went to the office and saw Mrs. P I couldn’t believe what had happened the other day. I was in a trance and couldn’t stop thinking about her but something was different about her, the fun, cheerful Mrs.P was nowhere to be seen. She was all serious and it felt like she was trying to avoid me. So anyhow I decided to text her.

Me: Last Night was pretty fun Mrs.P

Mrs.P: Yea, it was just a simple favour. I dropped you off at your place. Not a big deal.

Me: Yea, I was talking about the part before I left the car.

Mrs. P: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: The doughnuts were really good.

Mrs.P: Whatever you think happened, was a mistake. There is nothing more to it. I’m still your reporting manager so don’t try pulling off something that you’ll regret later.

I was shocked, confused and a bit worried too. But I wondered I should atleast go talk to her and see what the texts were all about. So during lunch I decided to approach her. I walked into her cabin and she looked at me with a very cold gaze. I asked “Hey, saw your texts are you okay?” She didn’t give any reply and
just stared at me.

I said “I’m sorry, please don’t stress about what happened yesterday and If you’re uncomfortable with it we don’t have to talk about it anymore”

I could see her stare turn into a gentle gaze.
I added “I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay. So are you?”
With a smile she nodded.
And I smiled in return and said “You take care Mrs.P” as I was leaving her cabin.
“Jane… you can call me Jane” she replied.
I nodded in agreement and left.

A couple of days passed. Things were back to ordinary. We didn’t talk much though and even of we did our conversations were strictly official.

About a week later it was almost closing time and we were about to leave the office when I saw Mr.P still in her cabin.
I walked over and asked if I could help her with something. To which she smiled and said “Yea No, I got this” but I insisted and walked over to her table.
She looked at me and I could see that she was a bit worried even though she had a smile on her face.
I smiled back and sat opposite to her and we started with the work.
We were getting late yet again and Mrs.P realised this and asked me “Aren’t you getting late?”
To which I replied “Its not like somebody’s waiting at home for me” and just to clarify things I told her “Don’t worry, I came to the office in my brother’s Motorbike, so you don’t have to drop me off today” with a sly smile.
To which she replied “Well, that’s a relief”.
“Hey! I’m a great Co Passenger” I said in a cheeky way.
With a very flirtatious smile she looked right at me, I reciprocated with the same and then she got back to work.
We stayed for another 10 mins and finished up with the reports. Before she forwarded it she asked me to go through it once just to proof read it once and since it was her PC I went and stood next to her.
I leaned over her shoulder to read it. I was trying to concentrate but I wasn’t able to. Mrs P’s face was right there inches away from mine. I could feel the tention rise. Even though I didn’t even begin reading I pointed at a random line on the screen and said “We should change this”
to which she said “That seems okay to me”
I was just stalling for time…
but then I couldn’t take it in any longer.
I decided to go for it and moved my face right towards her neck…
The moment my lips fell on her nape I could feel shiver run down her spine but she didn’t withstand.
I kissed her nape and moved on to her neck.
spun her chair around and now she was facing me.
I leaned in for a kiss which yet again she didn’t withstand. I held her face as we kissed.
Mrs. P gently pulled away. I could hear her whisper under her breath “This is wrong”.
I stood up and held her hand pulled her up from her seat. I caressed her face and told her “Its okay, I’m going to do anything to hurt you. Its okay”.
She lifted her face looked at me and said “This is wrong”.
I leaned in and gave her a very gentle kiss on her lips and asked “So you’re saying this is wrong?” she didn’t say a word but bowed her head.
I lifted her chin up. Hey eyes still stuck to the floor.
I said “Jane… Look at me”
Her eyes gently moved up to face me.
I leaned in kissed her, my hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her in. Her grip on my arm tightened. My lips moved away from her lips to her neck and I whispered in her ear “If this is Wrong, why does it feel so good?”

She held my face and looked at me.I could feel her breath getting heavier and the lust in her eyes. The wasn’t anything “wrong” anymore.

She pushed me against the wall, held me by my collar, pulled me in and kissed me. I was in a state of shock and sweet ecstasy. I didn’t have to control my urges anymore. I held her by her neck in a real tight grip and spun her around and pushed her against the wall and started kissing her neck, leaving a small trail of bite marks wherever my lips have been. She wasn’t one to be tamed so easily. She sunk her nails into my back, scratching me, marking me up.

It was a struggle for power over the other and neither of wanted to give it up.
I moved my hand up from her waist and started unbuttoning her shirt.
She looked at me with those lustful eyes, smiled and pulled her tits out of her bra.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt like a hungry predator, but I had to keep my cool and not scare my prey away.
I moved my head down, stuck my tongue out and gently licked her nips, as I was going for it again I circled around her nip with my tongue before actually getting a taste of it. I coud feel how hard her nipples gots.
It was time, my prey was ready… I stared sucking her tits like a desperate little teenager and as I pulled away I tugged her nipple with my teeth.

I looked at her and said “I’ve still got a favour to return for the other day.”
by saying that I grabbed her by her neck and pushed her on to of her table. I leaned in for a kiss and I started moving down.
I kissed her neck, her boobs, her stomach and still kept going. She knew exactly where I was going. I slid down her skirt, rested her legs on my shoulder there it was… Her wet, juicy pussy. I gave it a little kiss, I could feel how wet and warm it was over her panty. I looked at her and took her panty off with my teeth.
She just lied the desperately waiting for me to eat her out. I could see it in her eyes.
I looked at her with a cynical smile I said “Tell me, what do you want me to do now?”
to which she replied in a gentle voice “I want you to eat me out”
I stuck my tongue out and with the tip of my tongue I just licked her clit and said
“I didn’t hear you, TELL ME WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO TO YOU?”

She paused, bit her lip, slid her finger into my hair and said “I want you to eat my wet little pussy out”

As those words were coming out of her mouth, I buried my face in her pussy. Started with kisseing the labia, which led me straight to her clit. I put my lips around it and gave it a good gentle suck, all the while my tongue kept rubbing up against it. I could feel her grip on my hair tighten and she let out a slight moan. I moved my tongue down to and gently slid it inside her. As my tongue went inside her I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it gently. I was her body moved, the way she was flinching turned me on even more. I decided to take my tongue out and started sucking her clit yet again. But this time I had my fingers running up and down her labia. I gently bit her clit just to make her flinch, which she did and right then I slid two of my fingers in her. I stood up and kissed her as she lied on the table, my fingers still in her. I gently started fucking her pussy with my fingers. She held me by my belt pulle me in close and opened jeans and pulled my dick out which by this time was rock hard. She looked righ into my eyes as she spit on her hands and took a hold of my dick.
Without breaking eye contact she started jerking me off and asked “So now what you you wanna do to me?”
I’ve never been more turned on by somebody in my life than when she said those words.
I looked at her and said ” I wanna fuck you , right here, right now”
To which she replied “Is that how you’re gonna convince me”
I was so turned on that I held her by her neck, choked her and said “I wanna fuck your wet little cunt so bad that it cums on my dick”

Not for a sigle moment did we loose eye contact, she held my dick rubbed her pussy with it and then placed it right where it was supposed to go and then grabbed my butt. I pushed it in gently and I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my dick. She gently grinded against me while my dick was in her and then I started rocking back and forth.
It felt heavenly, her wet pussy felt really good.
I moved my hand from her neck to her clit and rubbed it while I fucked her and in no time she clenched her fists, let out a good moan and said “Baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and that made me loose all my control and I quickly pulled out and exactly when I pulled out my cum spurted all over her tits and stomach.
I apologized, for which she slapped me on my arm and with a smile said “I liked it”.
I was still in a trance and couldn’t believe that I just did what I did with Mrs. P.
She pulled me close and kissed me. A really deep passionate kiss and asked me to get dressed.
I got dressed and helped her clean up the mess we made.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Mrs. P and I kept smiling at her.
Before we left her office she pulled me in one last time as kissed me and said bye.
We went our separate methods but I was still on cloud nine.

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