My (44M) wife (39F) was groped and fingered by tailor (50M)

Based on real people and inspired by multiple far less sexual encounters. ☺️

So my wife had to discover new tailor ( still a thing in India) as old one closed his shop. We tracked down one and she was pretty happy to see his work. There was no customer at the moment in the shop and he attended us. My wife inquired about the cost and how much time he takes to get speciic sort of dresses ready. My wife is usually friendly and talks to people like she knows them.

He told her so and so is the cost but for her it will be reduced. This was unexpected as he started flirting with her infront of me. Much more surprising was my wife of 17 years and mother of 2 flirted back. She replied if there is special discount for tight fitting dresses.

He told her if she lets him take the measurements at the moment there will be. Now catch here is my wife was wearing a saree. To take measurements for legs and thighs she would have to lift the dress up to her waist and expose lot of leg piece to him. She winked at me and I smiled back. I was turning hornier by the minute.

She then nodded him her agreement and he called her behind the counter. He started with the neck. As his finger ran over her neck my wife closed her eyes instinctively. He then removed the safety pin holding her pallu in place and slid it. It fell on her hand that was placed on the counter. Now she was proudly showing her blouse that moulded to her boobs (34D).

She was sort of pushing the chest forward as tailor was touching her back to measure her shoulders. He then moved to more crucial part as he measured her chest from under the shoulders.

As he held the tape he leaned into her and said it would be more accurate to if her bosoms were not hiding. As he said this he planted his groin on her bum and stayed there. Like a train engine sliding into the train cars and locking itself. I was almost drooling as she casually told him to take it off. She was wearing blouse with hooks in front and it was tight. He grabbed her boobs in his hand and I strated drooling from down there too. He pressed her boobs together and and unhooked the blouse. He slid it down upto her elbows.

She was standing in thin silky bra that I had gifted her last anniversary. He untied it and it simply dropped to the ground. Her boobs did not even move an inch. (Yeah she is still hard and Im very proud of that). He then took the tape and ran it around her boobs. He made sure to put it perfectly over her nipples. He then took the underboob measurement.

He took other upper body measurements and then asked her to turn around. She first picked the bra and wore it followed by blouse. Well whats the point in hiding after he stole the feel I wondered as she turned around.

He kneeled infront of her and started with ankle meausurement. As I leaned on the counter I could see everything on other side. He then held one end to her ankle and started scaling up. He went under her saree and underskirt. In a moment I saw my wife blush as he looked back at her and smiled too. He had touched her jackpot obviously.

He then started taking measurements around her leg and as he went up she kept raising her saree. Until he reached her waist and now her silk undie that matched the bra shined in his face. He said he needs more accurate measurement of her inseem as he pulled her panty waistband down. He ragged it to her ankle but his eyes didnt move from the spot.

He was looking at very gorgeous mom’s coochie. Completely waxed and leaking her own wax. It was all for him and it was making me jealous. She stood there holding her saree up as he leaned into her thigh gap and tried to get the tape from behind. While he eas grabbing the other end of the tape he casually leaned his cheek into her crotch. He measured her waist and below the waist.

He then helped her wear panties and she let go of her saree. He said we have to pay advance for the dress. I said he already got the advance. He was obv not content with the advance. He asked her to lean over the counter and he raised her saree and underskirt above knees. He then put the hand up there from below. My wife’s eye widened as he reached her groin. She blushed probably after he slid and entered her hole slowly.

Now all I could see was my wife biting both her lips and moaning internally and him thrusting from behind.
He said this would be enough advance as he gave few more thrusts and let my wife go. I ended up getting blowjob from the molested wife in car as we drove back home.

NSFW: yes

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    Also let me know how I can actually proceed with letting my wife know I want to see her having sex with another man without breaking my lifelong image of macho guy. 😅

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