My (18M) girlfriend’s (18F) family heard us having sex

Back in the final year of sixth form (school/end of high college) me and my girlfriend, both 18 at the time, were fooling around in her room. Now at this time her family were all out. Her parents had gone to collect her older sister from uni for Christmas break. So since we believed we were completely alone in the house, we started getting flirty with each other and began to play a stripping game.

I lost the game however it was close enough that although I was naked, my girlfriend, Freya, was only in her light blue underwear. Freya was very short, smaller than 5 foot, had an okay ass, and average tits that were extremely perky. She was also extremely fit and had the beginnings of abs. Seeing my fit girlfriend almost naked and playing a stripping game had gotten me very hard. However we were alone, so that was okay, Freya immediately grabbed me by the shaft and started to stroke my 7 inch cock as we made out. As she stroked me I traced my hand across her tits and down to her underwear and began to trace circles over her clit. This caused the make out to become more sloppy and passionate as she began moaning in my mouth.

We then stopped making out and l began kissing her on her neck, down her collarbone, down her boobs, sucking on her nipples, down her ribs, kissing down her abs and then began kissing the outline of her understanding. I then used my teeth to take off her underwear which had a dark wet patch which I was responsible for. I then got to work with eating her tight shaved pussy that was already dripping wet. One thing I haven’t mentioned about Freya so far is she was a moaner, a loud one. As soon as my tongue pressed up against her clitoris she started shaking and moaning very loud. She also loved to talk whilst moaning so inbetween her sexy moans she’d say stuff breathlessly like “Yeah”,“Fuck”, “Just like that”, “Fuck your tongue makes me so fucking wet”. I kept on eating her out as she moaned and squirmed for half an hour until she climaxed, wrapping her sexy thighs around my head and pushing my face down into her pussy as she told me to drink her cum.

I then got on top of her and we made out as I gave her a short period of rest. When she was ready I slipped my rock hard cock inside her and started fucking her wet yet still tight pussy. She began moaning again. Somehow even louder, saying things like “Daddy”, “Fuck me harder big boy”, “I’m such a slut for your big cock”. We then changed position to doggy style, and again her moans got louder. “Fuck me like a fucking slut daddy”, “Smack me harder”, then as I started getting closer and closer she started screaming “Cum in me daddy”, “Cum in my tight pussy”. Naturally I did as I was told.

It wasn’t until after we had cleaned up and went downstairs to the kitchen, and the awkward looks we got , that her family had gotten back without us noticing.

NSFW: yes

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