Musings of Being a Submissive, Nurturing, Loving Housewife (f)

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NSFW: yes

As a woman, I notice a lot of men are told by society to keep quiet and “man up” no matter the challenges or difficulties they might be facing in day to day life. If he’s stressed, depressed, or struggling emotionally after a break-up, the implication is that he has to deal with the issue on his own and not let down his guard, lest it be taken as a sign of weakness. I figure out it from an evolutionary perspective. Being strong is ideal as a male. But in the 21st century, I feel a lot of heavy emotional burdens shouldn’t be kept to oneself. I am not talking about ranting about it on social media; but having a close, intimate, caring friend who lends her ear and time is a gorgeous sign of friendship and intimacy.

So why can not a woman be there for him? Providing him with the comfort of emotional support, a friend to open up with, or a casual no strings sexual partner to let him vent his needs and desires on?

I dream of being a close, supportive housewife who a guy can turn to in his moment of need. To open up about his depression, and to admit his fears and insecurities.

It’s really intimate to imagine two adults, hanging out after a long day. It would be wonderfully gorgeous if during their intimate evening, he could openly and honestly ask for help unwinding sexually; and she would oblige him since he does so much for her and it is the least that she could do to help him. It could be something as simple and intimate as a slow sensual blowjob that helps him forget about his day… Or maybe he needs something more rough and intense, a deepthroat or throatfuck with gagging, tears, and mess, that will help him take out his pent up frustrations on an willing and eager mouth that really just wants to help him…

I think it’s particularly sexy to imagine a close relationship that that becomes something intimate and sexual where the woman shows her gratitude and appreciation for all the times the guy has been there for her by going down on him… wanting to show him her appreciation for being her guardian angel through life.

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