MindTech Industries Chapter 7 : Perfect Form [M27] [sci-fi] [Maledom] [Femsub] [petrification] [Humiliation] /// [Coupledom] [Nonbinarysub] [Gender bending] [sex slave]

Note from the author: If you’ve read last chapter, you saw that things are getting a bit more “special” and it will only increase in intensity from now on. Also, this chapter is like 2 mini stories in one so that’s why the tags are separated in two. I hope you like it 🙂

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Weeks went by and the mind transfer development was progressing rather well. Miss Demers was pushing everyone in overtime in order to speed the process. She was becoming absolutely obsessed with the project. When I was arriving in the morning, she was already there trying to solve equations no scientists on earth even knew needed to be solved. When I left the office at night, she was still in the labs, repeating the same tests, slowly changing small parameters over time. I’m not sure she was even going back to her home to sleep at night anymore. She also didn’t have a single day of rest in months and it was starting to be visible.

In front of her was a puzzle waiting to be solved and a world to conquer. Her passion for power was her reason to live. As long as there was more power to obtain, she would seek it. I understood that better than anyone else. I admired it. I had never met someone in my life that would be so dedicated to realizing their dream. Nothing was out of her reach. To me, she was a true goddess amongst men.

But, even a goddess will burn trying to reach the sun. I had to discover a way to help her before either her mind or her body would fail her. There was only one thing I knew that could distract her from her lust for power and it was her lust to control. Especially when it came to controlling me.

We had a test this morning but after putting me to sleep, they woke me up immediately, explaining there was an error in the system and we could not proceed with the test today. I decided to use this free time to explore numerous corners of the city searching for businesses specializing in kink crafts. A lot of the artisans showed me their most famous products and all I could think is how boring they were. Cuffs? ropes? Whip? Come on, I need something that even Miss Demers would be surprised and impressed by.

“Don’t you have anything more… creative?” I asked almost all of them but their answers were at all times unsatisfying.

As I was leaving one the shop, a man accosted me:

“Sorry young man, I couldn’t help but hear the end of your conversation and I think I could be of help to you.” Said the mysterious man. Seeing my perplexed expression on my face he continued:

“Don’t worry, I’m not a salesman, I’m an artist you see. I live for my art. I like to take beautiful things and give them new shapes, revealing something even more beautiful about them. And you… Oh, I could make you one of my greatest masterpieces. Maybe you have heard of me, they call me “The Shaper”.

Hearing that name made me lower my head in surprise.

“”THE” Shaper?” I heard of you but more like an urban legend.”

“Great! Would you accompany me to my workshop? I would love to show you my works.”

I have had nothing but disappointments so far so who knows, maybe following an old eccentric man into his basement would result in something more exciting. His workshop was like nothing else I had seen before. One of the walls was filled with shelves containing dozens of jars or different thick colored liquid. A large desk occupied almost the full length of another wall. Over the desk was a large board with drawings, sketches, of what looked like human shapes but it was hard to actually say if it was or not. On the desk were multiple science equipment and old computer screens that were faintly lighting the room. From the ceiling were hanging stretched materials, mostly latex and leather, but also some that I did not recognize. It was like setting foot into the lair of a mad scientist.

I was expecting him to show me photos of his work but instead he pulled out large paper rolls from drawers under the desk. He unrolled them on his desk, revealing its content but I couldn’t really make out what I was looking at. In the middle of the picture was a statue with a bunch of scribbles everywhere around it.

“Here, this is my most recent work. Codename: 32-F. Her real name is irrelevant. Such a gorgeous creature. A proud one too, too much for her Master’s taste. He wanted to humiliate her in a grandiose way. I came up with this incredible idea. I use a homemade liquid in pretty much all of my works and I modify it to fit the circumstances. It is the clay that I give form to.

This one would scratch and cover as much surface as efficient but only on human skin. That liquid would then turn completely solid with air contact, imprisoning the person in their own body, absolutely unable to move a muscle. She would also be absolutely unable to see, hear or say anything.”

My cage was getting tight listening to his detailed explanations already.

“The more complicated part was this; If she couldn’t move at all, then she wouldn’t be able to breathe by herself. I solved it like this, in simple terms, 32-F would fill her lungs and through an osmosis process would breathe for her. It would probably take her a moment to get used to it but at that point, she would be unable to complain about it anyway. Oh and the final touch, no pun intended, she could feel everything touching her new skin.”

“And her Master used it on her?” I asked, curious to know what he did with it.

“One night, her master tied her to his bed completely naked and placed an egg vibrator inside her. He pushed her to the brink of orgasm and dropped the liquid on her. The liquid solidified as she had an intense orgasm. Her body was stuck in an incredibly indecent position; legs wide open, her pussy completely exposed, her chest pushed up making her breast look absurdly large and her face, eyes rolled back and her mouth open with her tongue half out, frozen in pure ecstasy.”

Most people would discover this idea completely insane but that’s because they were too scared to figure out it. “It’s… Beautiful.” I said, completely obsessed by the idea of Miss Demers doing something like that to me.

“Oh but here’s the thing. My goal when I create something like this is not simply to look great visually, the true beauty lies in the relationship between the Dom and the Sub. And their relationship was truly, beautiful. The master took the statue and moved it to a large reception room. He was organizing a dinner and was receiving a lot of guests that night. She was placed in the center of the room on a pedestal. Everyone could see her clearly in all her indecency. Everyone was in awe by how well the statue was sculpted. A lot of them were not shy of touching it too. Oh and remember the egg vibrator? Well, the liquid closed itself in front of her pussy so it got stuck inside her. Her Master let it on during the whole dinner. How many orgasms did she have in front of the clueless crowd?”

My breathing was so heavy that when he stopped talking, that’s all that could be heard.

“I would have cum all night long non stop if it was me.” I said without thinking about how unfiltered that was. “You were there, you were invited to that party? Why didn’t you take pictures?” I asked, a bit confused.

“The master did record the event actually but no, I do not keep records of my arts. It would be pointless, a photo or even a video would not be able to capture the true essence of its greatness. Like I said, my art is nothing without the relationship between the dom and the sub, and that can’t be seen in a record. It’s how the Master felt euphoric in humiliating her and in turn, her losing her mind from being humiliated. They were both feeding each other’s desires like harmony, and this is what makes a masterpiece.”

“Oh, yes… you’re right.” I mumbled still in awe. “But, how do you know if my relationship with… my Mistress… is like that?”

“Because you’re here. I rarely see subs so devoted to pleasing their doms that their imagination fails them. You could even question that; have you come here of your own will, or was it your Mistress that wanted you to find me?”

“I’m… not sure actually.” I said

“Exactly. You two are in total harmony. One’s desire is also the other’s. You want to please her because her pleasure is your pleasure and on the other hand her pleasure is seeing you trying to please her. Let me show you more.”

He got out another one of his large parchment and unrolled it over the previous one.

“This is an old one, but one of my favorites. 22-T. This man and woman in their 40s had been married for years and they did love each other very much but they were both really dominant people so they never were completely sexually satisfied. One day they decided to get a slave to fill what was missing sexually. They did end up getting one, a young, good, cute, obedient boy. Or was it a girl? You see, that’s the problem. The man wanted a female slave and the woman wanted a male slave. The person they found was a perfect match in every other way.”

“Couldn’t they just find a second one of the other sex?” I asked, oblivious to my naivete.

The Shaper exploded in laughter.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disrespect you but your question informs me that you’ve never been in a polyamorous relationship. 2 people living together is complicated. 3, is a nightmare to balance. 4, is unrealistic to work long term.”

Now that he said it, my question felt a bit stupid.

“Anyway, it was generating conflict between the two Masters and that’s when the slave found me. I was still in my early days of shaping so it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a solution but lack of innovation is only caused by a lack of imagination. Ok, I must admit, I stole the idea from an old 40s sci-fi book. I guess, the future had arrived.”

“Oh, I think I read that book, you made a suit that would change his sex?”

“I did, but, it was so much more than that. The suit came as a black blob and like the other one I talked about previously, would cover the whole body of the slave. This one didn’t cover the eyes, ears, mouth and anus though. The texture to this one was pretty close to latex. The clay had 2 special properties.

The first one was that it would “absorb” parts of the body of the slave. Their genitals, fat distribution, muscle, every feature that would make them look like a man or a female would be gone. At the end of the process, their body was so androgynous that you would not be able to say if they were male of female. The suit I created was made to live in symbiosis with its host. Of course the process could be reversed but if the slave wished for it, he could live the rest of his life wearing it. In fact, as far as I know, the slave is still wearing it to this day.

The second property was that it adapted to the host hormones. Everything that had been absorbed could then be used to build whatever feature that the host needed. The suit could sense what the slave wanted so when he was with the Master, it would dig a vagina and grow breasts. When he was with the Mistress, he would grow a dick and become more muscular. The only reason why it worked so well was because of how much the slave wished to please their master. He understood so well what they wanted and he was ready to give up on his original appearance to become exactly what the Masters lusted for. It was truly extraordinary but the masterpiece would only show itself when the 3 of them were together. The body of the slave would evolve in a mix of features, not female nor male, he was none of them but both of them at the same time. A body that both Masters could not withstand.”

“Wow… and can you do this for me? Can you help me please my Mistress as much as I wish to please her? I’ll pay whatever it takes.” I said impatiently.

“Of course I can but as much as I will take any money you throw my way, I do not do it for monetary gain. I merely shape the clay to give it potential, the true masterpiece, it’s you and your Mistress who will create it. All I wish is to see you bloom.” He said in all his extravagance.

“Alright, then, how do we start?” I asked joyfully.

“Why don’t you tell me more about your Mistress, your relationship, I need to know everything. Let’s start by the basics, you are wearing a chastity cage aren’t you?”

“I-” For a second I thought if I still had my pants on. “Yes, how…?”

“Unimportant” He cut me off before continuing, completely ignoring my question and taking notes. “Who is she to you?”

“Heum, on a day to day basis, she’s my boss but over time she became so much more than this. I have never called her my Mistress though.”

“Interesting, you two are so closely bound that words are not even necessary. And what job do you do for her?”

“Officially, I’m a secretary but over time she started asking more of me. I started by assisting her in tasks and then, as more time passed, I ended up pretty much doing anything she asked of me, even being her guinea pig.”

“Mmm, so you’re her bitch?” He said while a large smile grew on his face.

I had the reflex to try to deny it but he was technically correct.

He continued asking questions for a while, reading me like an open book and then just said:

“Alright, I know exactly what you need.”

I gave him my number a bit confused and he said he would call me when his clay was ready, that it shouldn’t take more than a week. He didn’t tell me anything about it though so I guess it would be a surprise even for me.

I was so excited to see what he would build for me. So excited to please my Mistress.

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