Alexander’s Motorcycle Diaries – Episode 8 – Endless Chatter

Less than a mile and twenty minutes away from drop off Belladonna is at another stoplight. The backdoor of The 2010 Suburban opens and “hey Belladonna, I am throwing my shit in the back and ditching the The 70s ‘Burban and that shag carpet.” Bella “MOM what are you doing here?” Man or Machine responds “he didn’t kiss her right away!” The door slams shut and MOM hits the alarm button on The 70s flashing the lights and blaring the horn. Yelling as though the sound proofing of the 2010 was failing “he didn’t kiss her right away we need to get some coffee and see what is up. GPS map to Starbucks, the path should get the pedestrian traffic cleared into NPC GTA mode.”

“YEAH I get it. I was feeling the romance but not everything. Whatever.. I don’t mind the ship shop trip if we can get through traffic.” Belladonna signals right turns left at a red and finds the space to get out of the mind perimeter of Angelina & Alexander. “As soon as we get to the parking lot the satellite feed will pop up and we can determine what needs adjusting. I bet the nee test object is her swimsuit.”

In the Starbucks parking lot the satellite feed opens up and they identify the swimsuit is discarded on the side of the pool. Alexander and Angelina are naked in the pool, exchanging kisses and chases enjoying themselves. “If she puts the swimsuit back on… I dunno yet, I will know what to fix based upon what she does with the swimsuit.” Said MOM. “Yeah it’s just like those bastards at the cia to hack our tech to make us perv on these two after eight years of courtship and mission planning. I knew he wasn’t kissing her fast enough. I wanted to tell him to plant his tongue down her throat.”

Angelina & Alexander make their way to the pool’s edge. And Angelina offers her backside for Alexander to kiss and prepare for underwater thrusting. She can reach the swimsuit, grabs it and uses a rifle slinging technique that drives Alexander’s face into her maple syrup. As the moments turn into minutes in this increasingly awkward dynamic Alexander unravels the swimsuit and wraps them as a couple preparing to copulate. Holding her firmly he begins kissing her neck and massaging her tattooed regions that he had spent many Saturday nights gazing at between one way family and mission planning messages. She grabs and tastes herself and says “I told ya by the time you got here it would be syrup to sip.” And frees herself from the tangle and swimsuit to the middle of the pool welcoming the underwater embrace that slows Alexander’s aggression of his finally fit firm body.

“the swimsuit is half in the water half out. We either need to reman the clothes or we need to adjust the life force.” / “I will crumble my bagel and draw with cream cheese next time MOM.”

Playing with their soaked clothes and exchanging smiles… “I am scheduling a working lunch then LAX then dinner AND time with family, but once you walk into that house” “you know getting to know your family is important I never thought it would take three time reversals hence three years for that delay.” “They remember the time you got here and left on the same day.” “Angelina, I always did my best undercover my communications kept getting hacked and they kept moving me forward knowing they were playing us to reverse time.” “They know Alexander, but don’t ever go Doctor Know no with my family because nothing was cool the day you were here and gone.”

Belladonna and MOM arrive at the ship shop. The rig is an open cage motorcycle dual pilot interface. One control system adjusts vehicle position and the other oilots the vehicles trajectory. The life force provides an open air light speed travel experience. Long distances are jumped through as arranged by STAR ENGINEERS. “Angelina just sent me a text … she put the swimsuit back on for the photo”
… “Sweet all we have to do is hail about the life-force across to He-Man he can spin ten years in an afternoon on Earth”

NSFW: yes

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