Me and my Mom

Ever since I was a teenager I had wondered my mom was hot but I wondered nothing of it I lived a dead ordinary life with her up until this past year. But over the past few months my parents have been divorced and my mom (f55) has been visiting me (m22) every week or so. At first she was same as all the time but during some of the more recent visits she has been dropping sly little hints, like bending over in front of me with intent or falling asleep on my chest whilst we watch a film. She has also been wearing more revealing clothes, her tits are a bit saggy nowadays but shes 55 what do u expect, but it meant nothing to me she was still just as hot in my eyes, anyway her tits are all the time really clearly outlined in the small tight shirts she wears. One day whilst she was round my apartment we were making some food in the kitchen, and she was cutting some avocado on the opposite side of the kitchen island to me, and she would not take her eyes off me, she would lean over giving me a clear view of her tits and look up at me then back down. At that time that is all that happened.

Later that day we arrived home after a meal out and she went for a shower as I went and watched some tv. I was still confused over the clear hints she was dropping earlier that day, but as she came out the shower she walked through to the kitchen to grab a snack, when reaching up to the cupboard she definitely on purpose drops her towel revealing her wet, milf body infront of me. I instinctively looked away but did glance back which she clocked, she kind of slowly looked down and picked up the towel and walked towards, not knowing what to say I asked “are u ok?” To which she said”yes all good” but then she politely asked “would you like to fuck me?” I was speechless but harder than ever before which she could definitely see. The only word I could think to say was “yes”. With that she threw the towel away and hastily pulled down my joggers and began to blow me. I’m not going to lie, i almost came in the first minute of that blowjob, so to avoid that I got up quickly and bent her over in doggy, I must have got about 20-30 pumps in before my mum milked my balls. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

NSFW: yes

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