Alt Girl [30sff] [fantasy] [girl/girl]

She had a plaid skirt and a sleeveless top. With her purple hair and tattooed sleeve she captivated me the moment I saw her. I have all the time had a thing for guys in a band but this is was the first time a badass rocker chick stole my attention. The band was awesome and the crowd was watching the lead singer kill it. My eyes, however, were fixated on the guitarist. Her tattooed arms were perfect. Not too muscular but sculpted. She never once smiled and had a serious look the entire time. I could see her cheek bones and it made me want her even more. I watched her rock out and my mind started to wander.

After the show I was standing in the hallway as the band walked by. She glanced at me and gave me a smile. My heart fluttered and a wave of heat came over me as I felt my face blush. Later we managed to be in the bathroom alone. She pushed me against the wall. Her index finger tracing the outline of my lip while her thumb caressed my chin. I closed my eyes as she placed her hand on my neck and kissed me deep. Her lips were soft and her kisses had just the right amount of tongue. I could feel myself getting wet as she put her hand around my waist to bring me closer. Her breasts were pressed against mine. She took her hand and ran it down the side of my body feeling every inch of my exposed skin. She guided me over to the sink and helped me up. My legs were spread and her hands were on my knees. She gave me a big smile before she knelt down. I was so glad I had worn a mini skirt that day. She kissed my inner thigh and I felt her hand move up my skirt. She let out a slight moan when she realized I was already soaking wet. Standing back up she brushed her fingers against my pussy. The juices were dripping off her fingers as she put them in my mouth. I love how sweet I taste. I looked at her with “come fuck me” eyes as I took her two fingers in my mouth. Back down I felt her lips once again but this time she was kissing just below my clit. The tease was driving me wild. She took her tongue and

Someone bumped into me from behind and I quickly snapped back to reality. I was still standing in the crowd. My heart was beating fast and I felt a little bubble pop against my pussy. Did that really happen? Did this girl really just get me that excited? The band ends their set and exits the stage. Perfect time to get another drink and use the bathroom. In the stall, I dropped my pants and I noticed not only were my panties super wet but I had little white pieces stuck to my jeans. I was confused and though it must be paper. It didn’t register that it was cum until I decided to taste it. A smirk came across my face and I couldn’t wait to get home to finish this fantasy with a toy. I had never desired a woman like that before. I have been turned on by women with big bouncy tits but nothing like this. I guess I have a new alt girl kink

NSFW: yes

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