( M18) got flashed by a bunch of girls – Short Sex Story

So I one of my mates invite to a party I was the only guy there didn’t know that would be the case so that kinda weird but as night went on girl got drunk they started to strip fully nude and get in a hot tub so I saw every they told me to get in so I did we talked drank and chill one of the girls gave me a hand job in there so I was happy I got in we where all nude can’t lie I was shitting a brick being nude in front of a bunch of girls there was 5 of them

But like 2 hours we all got out some girls up there cloths back in some just let it all of it show till they left

I stayed round my mates house and not much happened i kind had a girl who wanted to do some stuff same girl from the hot tub but she feel asleep on me next day we chilled for with my mate and her friends for about 4 house then went home

Sorry shit spelling and grammar.

NSFW: yes

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