First time backdoor [19F][M] – Short Sex Story

Yes, I was only 19 years old and the guy I liked had hooked up with one of my friends and I… that same night, I sought shelter in the arms and between the legs of a taxi driver. It’s the side effects of getting caught by a guy who didn’t deserve it but… that’s how we are.

After the taxi driver came a waiter, a doctor, a DJ, a fireman, a worker and many more that I didn’t even know what they did for a living. Almost every weekend I passed at least one by the stone. And without repeating. The truth is that I was entertained hehe, I didn’t care what people wondered, it was my way of feeling loved and desired.

I remember one night, Miguel and Monica were eating each other’s faces, laughing and touching each other. I was sick to my stomach with so much sweet love and, in order not to see them, I ended up taking refuge under the DJ’s table. On my knees I followed the rhythm of the music with my mouth while his cock went in and out faster and faster and harder.

At the end I didn’t know if the rhythm of the blowjob was set by the music or vice versa… The only sure thing was that with that cock in his mouth, neither Miguel, Monica nor the mother who gave birth to them no longer existed. When he cummed, the volume of the music seemed like a roar and people were dancing madly without imagining what was going on up there.

Another night I made out with two guys: the first one at the bar and the second one at the disco.

With the first one I didn’t go beyond touching, kissing and wanking, but the second one fucked me in the middle of the street between two enormous trucks. Several people could see me open my legs with my face against the truck but I didn’t give a damn: they were loving me and not them.

So one night I got involved with a guy who came straight to me, as soon as I stepped on the dance floor of the discotheque. It turned out to be a friend of the one who had taken me among the trucks the week before. The fame preceded me and I was delighted. Who needed a love for life, if I could have one every week.

As soon as I made the introductions he cornered me against the bar and filled me with kisses on my neck, lips and face, to which I responded with twice the intensity. We ended up in his car in front of the beach and surrounded by a bunch of cars with tinted windows.

The thing was developing according to the script: snogging, hugs and touching of numerous depths, a 69 that I enjoyed like a donkey, both for his good tongue, as for the considerable size of his cock. We finished the job in the back seat, me on my knees and looking at Cuenca through the back window of the car. His position was not very comfortable so I agreed to get on all fours when he asked me…. I accepted for his comfort and, I won’t fool you either, because the position makes me horny as hell.

He started by running his cock up and down my slit, pressing just enough to separate my labia. The condom took the fun out of it but I like that sort of play and I enjoyed it, oblivious to his intentions. Then it became clear to me that he didn’t want to please me, he was just looking to lubricate his tool.

And then it came right away: in one leap, the tip of his cock went to the uppermost hole. Without giving me time to do anything, he thrust his hips while his hand held his cock tightly against my anus. The tip slammed in and I felt myself die. I shot forward. I think I slammed my face against the door; I’d never screamed so loudly before, but I’d only gained a few inches of benefit, which his cock soon regained.

“Not that way, not that way,” I shouted at the top of my lungs.


The cock took up positions again, too high for my taste, while he said to me, “Don’t worry, you’ll see how you like it”.

“No way,” I shouted again, sitting up and closing my ass as much as I could.

“Okay, okay, don’t be mad. I thought you were into that.”

“And why did you think that?”

“My friend from last week said you’d let him do it to you.”

“Take me to the disco,” is all I could say.

“Okay, okay. I understand that you won’t let me do it… I have it bigger and it scares you, but you don’t want to leave me like this, do you?” he said, grabbing me by the wrist and looking at his throbbing cock.

I wanted to get out of there. I needed to scream and cry… But I kept quiet, stretched and spread my legs.

I let him finish unable to move a muscle. He didn’t give a shit, he fucked me until he cummed without noticing. He didn’t even look at my face for a moment. He sucked my tits, grabbed my buttocks and spread my legs aside without noticing that I kept crying. So I averted my gaze and let him finish as the tears streamed down my cheeks, as my body shook with his hip thrusts and my pussy went dry by the second and my mind was somewhere else.

He finished and I slipped under his weight. I picked up my clothes and got out of the car. I got dressed outside not giving a shit if anyone saw me and walked around aimlessly.

I don’t know how long it took me to get home and I don’t remember how, I just know that I got into bed and cried until I was dehydrated. I was in bed for two days. My legs were incapable of moving a body turned to steel. My mind was incapable of generating anything but monosyllables and my head weighed me down like never before. I was depressed.

In one week I didn’t go to university or to work – at that time I combined both – and for the first time in months, that weekend I stayed at home and realised the direction I was taking in my life.

Little by little I was coming out of the tunnel thanks to my friends who forced me to go out, to do other kinds of activities. They kept me protected from new vultures and made sure that I didn’t do the same stupid things again.

Following his advice, I looked for someone for more than one night: his name was Pablo, a friend from the group who had been after me for a long time. I knew it had no future, it was just a way for me to feel like myself again, but we enjoyed it. Besides, we understood each other very well in bed.

The first day we slept together, almost two months after the first kiss… (I really don’t know how he had so much patience), I felt unable to do anything, I was completely stiff and blocked from head to toe. He took it calmly and was offering me a love and understanding that I wondered impossible (that and an anthological pussy eating helped a lot to my recovery).

Four months after that first fuck, his tongue went further. From my pussy he went through my anus in a way I had never been done before: calmly, taking his time, almost as if he was tasting me.

So far they had only been furtive licks, licks that seemed more like a mistake than anything else. Lickings that died as soon as they were born…. On the other hand, that day Pablo stayed there, making sure I realized he was sucking my ass on purpose. And how he sucked my ass! He sucked and stuck his tongue in as far as he could, opening my buttocks to get to the bottom over and over again.

Then I kissed his mouth like never before and let him fuck me until we almost passed out. When we finished, both of us sweaty and barely able to breathe, with his cock still inside me I told him:

“I want you to do me from behind.”

He smiled and caressed my face, kissed me and replied: “Everything in its own time, honey. Everything in its own time.”

And that time came a week later.

“About what you told me last week? I bought something that will help.” He said, hardly daring to look at me.

“What is it?” I asked, seething with excitement.

He got up and came back with a small tube in his hands and handed it to me.

I only had to read the word lubricant to find out it.

I would have put it on right there but I just kissed him. And the kiss was the beginning of everything. Already naked on his bed, I got on my stomach. I didn’t need to say anything, my body spoke for itself: ass in pomp and buttocks spread aside.

He dipped between them and sucked me back down to my tailbone. The tongue was going in fine, but there was still a long way to go before a cock could get in there.

And he took care of that stretch with a generous dose of lubricant. Being the inexperienced guy that he was, he used a little more than was necessary, so there he would have slipped a ball of Loctite. I felt as if my buttocks were gonna fall off at any moment from how much they were sliding against each other. He started working the area with one hand. The first finger went in almost unintentionally: my asshole was a black hole where everything that came near it fell in.

With me on all fours Pablo took a kneeling position and directed his cock towards my ass. I was tense as a steel cable waiting to feel the shaft plunging into me. And the moment came making it clear that it wasn’t a finger. He walked it around collecting as much lube as he could and tried to enter.

Door closed. Locked tight. The hinges on my back door had been locked for a lifetime so they wouldn’t open just like that.

I tried to relax but it was impossible: I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, let myself fall on the pillow…. Everything gave way except my ass. When the cock squeezed my buttocks were dragged inwards in such a beastly way that I wondered they would end up going inside my ass like when you turn a sweater inside out.

Then Pablo started talking to me. He told me things that I don’t remember because they were not relevant. I didn’t find out anything and I just answered him out of inertia… And, suddenly, I understood his intentions.

By talking to me he got me to forget about my ass and when he wondered that was enough he put it in me. And then he went in. He started with just the tip. I was petrified… Waiting, but I didn’t feel a thing. It didn’t hurt.

Little by little Pablo was putting more cock in… And more. Then, with half of his cock embedded in my ass, I started to feel a slight twinge: my sphincter was reaching its limit and he seemed to notice it withdrawing a little.

I turned and looked at him and smiled, wanting to thank him for his understanding. The smile was wiped off my face as I felt a sudden hard thrust from his hips. I felt as if something was unclasping in my ass and the cock went in all the way up to his balls, pushing its way in with its widest part.

I screamed. I screamed like I had never screamed before. It was more a cry of surprise and victory than of pain. Even though I could feel it a little more, it still didn’t hurt.

His thrusts began to pick up pace and the fucking was now, complete. I lay still under his weight, concentrating on the sensations that might come from my ass…. Which were few if any.

I continued to scream with each penetration because I was horny as hell, out of my mind from finally being ass-fucked more than from physical pleasure. In fact I felt more uncomfortable than anything else…. Then Pablo came. All his cum rushed into my anus as I could feel his cock trembling against the walls of my sphincter. Instinctively, I closed my asshole to hold back the torrent and my cock slipped out as it ran out of space.

The cum was spilling out of my ass uncontrollably and then I was really uncomfortable: I felt like I was going upside down. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and sat down ready to empty my bowels. Fortunately it was just a feeling. There was nothing but cum and more cum coming out.

I went back to Pablo who was waiting for me worried and with his cock still oozing liquid.

Seeing me appear with a grin from ear to ear he calmed down and, touching his cock, asked me how it went.

I was elated to have left my last virginity behind but I couldn’t hide my bewilderment at the lack of sensations. He, on the other hand, confessed to me that it was the most wonderful thing he had ever done in his life.

With that I was satisfied. When I didn’t agree so much was the next morning: my ass looked like a red-hot iron and I spent the whole day sitting on the bidet with my ass submerged in ice water.

We did it again countless times, not in vain. It was the best hole to cum without side effects (drowning or pregnancy), and each time was better than the last.

Despite that, the first time I came with a cock in my ass was not with Pablo…

Maybe that’s why I lived for five years with the one who made it.


NSFW: yes

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