Lost my virginity to an old man, next-door

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It all happened almost 5 years ago (was a 23yo M curvy femboy).

Been feminizing myself for quite some time and had relished the prospect of getting fucked by a man. Mind you, my body is very, very girly so I never had sex with women, they’d at all times friendzone me. (pics on my user account)

Filled with lust and pent up unmet sexual needs I open Grindr, post the usual sexy/lewd pics, and bam! First message in a matter of seconds! My heart skipped a beat as a guy with no user account pic bluntly says he wants my girly ass and gives me his phone number demanding I call him so he can hear my voice.

A surge of “I wanna drain this man’s hot semen in my ass and mouth” floods my sissy senses and although scared shitless I reluctantly call. A few secs and picks up….. an old man, an old man will be fucking my bussy sensessly tonight.A raspy, grave voice meets mine and simply asks for location and says “I will be there in 10 minutes” before closing the call.

Fuck, I open Grindr again and see he’s only 100m meters away from me. Fuck…. I’m anxious, i’m drooling for cock, but fuck I’m anxious!

I hurry and doll up: black stockings, garter belt, thong, slut platform heels. Looking in the mirror as I instinctively bend over: my ass screams “i will get creampied tonight”, I mental note it swiftly.

Antsy and on my tippy toes I hear the door ring. I open up and a balding, 50-ish, 6 foot man meets my body with lust while my gaze is only on his crotch, bulging as we speak.

No real small talk (my first time, was an awkward/anxious wreck) and I guide him to my bedroom.

Instantly he pulls down his pants, tshirt off, his hands all over my smooth, soft body, caressing my hips, then my ass, ahhh, he squeezes my cheeks and I get an immediate hard-on drooling for his hard cock, god such a veiny, hard cock!

I move a step forward, caress his manly thighs and I open my mouth as he shuts it with his tongue deep in me. Fuck, this man was having hot sex with my mouth, tongue on tongue while spanking my ass, groping my entire body!

Kissing him passionately as drool is dribbling down my mouth… “Fuck I need that cock, I want his hard cock, god I want his tongue, too. Yes, daddy work your tongue into my mouth!” …kissing him as all these thoughts are running thru my mind I begin stroking his hard cock.

God, I was loving the texture of his real cock! Mine, all mine!

Stroking it I kneel and do what all the good girls do. Arch my ass in submissive defeat and suck his cock. “You were always made to suck cock, my cock” He moaned as I drained and drained and drained. Waterfall of precum in my mouth, balls soaked in precum, soaked in saliva. Fuck, at last my true purpose in life!

“Get on the bed, all fours and arch that fat ass for me” – he ordered as I was licking his balls.

“Yes, daddy!” Why is my voice so girly all of a sudden?!

Mmmm, such a nice ass”, as he starts grinding his frothing cock against my cheeks. He then grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed so he can grab my hips.

“Mmmmmmhhhh, your hips are of a woman’s”. He spits on my hole and pushes his cock in me raw.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhh, you’re mine, my woman now”! screams while pushing balls deep in me, no warm-up whatsoever.

Not going to lie, my cock was dripping, my body accepted him, wanted him, was lusting for him… but it also hurt bad. I squirmed, he pulled out. Spit again and back to action. He was dominating my bussy, fucking me with caveman-like hunger.

5 minutes in and the pain was beggining to subside, so I started fucking back. “You love cock, you were always meant for cock, fuck yess” – he grunted noticing my sudden change in demeanor.

Hands firmly planted on my hips he fucked me, spanked my ass and fucked me again for the next 20 minutes.

“Gonna cum, mmmmm, kneel in front of me”. Just those words as he pulls out and guides my mouth to his throbbing cock. “Swallow”.

Waves of salty, salty mess, one after another, hitting the roof of my mouth. 1st burst, swallowed, 2nd, swallowed, 3rd swallowed, 4th, moaning like a bitch in heat while swallowing his last hot drips.

Fuck, I felt exhausted… in the very best way efficient…. but he put me doggy again and fucked his last throbs into my ass, smacking his balls against my ass.

Needless to say we fucked daily from that moment on.

NSFW: yes

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