It’s my husband’s fault

So my hubby brought home this massive dildo he bought at the lions den for a prank at work. This thing is like 12″ long and as big around as my forearm. I laughed when I saw it but that night when we were starting to fool around, he pulled it from his nightstand drawer and started rubbing my pussy with it. I wondered no way that big mother fucker is going inside me but it felt gigantic between my pussy lips sliding up and down. He must have seen me begin dripping from how wet it made me so he started to push it in. Now my husband is well hung but this was another level. He stretched me with it and fucked my brains out till came harder than I ever have. Here comes the bad part though, when he mounted me so he could finish I was so stretched out I could barely feel him. He didn’t draw attention to it but I knew he felt it too. Now if I’m to distribute blame, here is where I went wrong. I started using it from time to time when he was on work trips and such. Then I got more regular with it and now my pussy is well used and his cock isn’t doing it for me anymore. I haven’t even hinted at this to him though. Fast forward to a coue weeks ago at our end of summer pool party. We have some neighbors down the road that we are loosely friends with. There are two black guys and one white that work at the power plant outside of town. At the pool party I kept unconsciously staring at one of the black guys shorts trying to see if he was big like my dildo. I’m not sure why it might have been the book I was reading or whatever but he caught me staring and winked at me. Im sure I turned beet red at first but probably pail white after he framed out his absolutely MASSIVE cock. Now it’s all I can think about. I’m not sure where to go from here…

NSFW: yes


  1. Big-Philosophy-6104

    You already know what you are going to do. The question is how long you wait and if you tell your partner.

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