Immoral or Moral ?? pt2

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Got the demand to finish where I left off instantly after I posted it so wondered I should begin now

I’ll make a link connecting the last post to this one

but anyways

” Don’t tell me my tits aren’t big enough for you ” She said taking off her oversized Tee revealing her gigantic full double D’s maybe bigger in her sports bra with her hard nipples pointing through. “I don’t think you want to this ” | said because before today we were best friends and I know her best. ” I don’t want to trust your words ” She said as she leans to my ear ” I’ll believe I’m as attractive as you say when I make that.
black………enormous………cock of yours cum all over these enormous tits ” She said biting my ear softly and moving to kisss down my neck. My Neck is insanely sensitive, She’s emotional she’s vulnerable This can’t happen but God the way she sucks and kisses on my Neck, I can’t help it it’s too fucking good………. she stops to look at me

“ Do you wanna fuck me? Tell me you wanna fuck me ! Use me, Aren’t I cute enough for you to use “ She said
I’m shocked, Usually a big quick thinker but this moment my mind goes blank. She begins to kiss down my neck, down my chest, down my abs to my pajama pants
“ Comfort me, Make me Happy like you at all times do, I need you to comfort me “ She said
And she’s right I’m not a bad guy, I’m just comforting my friend in need.
“ Of course I’ll comfort you “ I nod running my fingers through her hair seeing her adorable face kiss on the outside of my pants with her soft puppy eyes looking up at me, Time moves in slow motion in my head thinking isn’t it just crazy how we went from the most platonic friends and now she’s convinced me to “ comfort “ her. My Hard on gets so hard rising poking against her face and she whips it out. Starring in Awwe I’m raging hard, veins pump with my Tip full and strong. She kisses along the sides and tip, Licking it
“ I’m I making you feel good Papi “ she said as she gives me soft eyes
“ Your making me feel really good “ I said excited
“ Don’t Lie to me, I can’t handle it “ She said and immediately after she stuffs my Cock in her mouth deepthroating, sucking on it so fast and so good that it has me questioning if this the same girl. My Quads started flexing, started gripping onto the Couch, Couldn’t help but Groan. Her insecurities made her so willing to please !! This was all so Good.
“ Ahhh stop Stop Stop Ahhh “ I said cause it was just so damn good. She slows down stopping giving me a second slowly reaching to take my hand holding it and then looking up at me. Placing my hand against her cheek as i’m holding her face in my hand “ Make this Slut Feel Pretty Papi “ and that’s when I snapped !

This entire time I was a victim to this situation but now ………. I was gonna take full benefit!!

My Hand holding her face and I slap her !! across the face I slap her again
“ This all your fault, You caused this now everything I do now is because of you ! and you have no one to blame but yourself “ She was weak at the knees but I gripped her by the throat aggressive stood up and pulled her up forcing her to stand. I put my head to her ear
“ Now your all mine, Tell me you want it “ I said
“ I want it, Use me !! IM YOURS “
I lost it and i took her by her throat and drove her into the wall not thinking about her well being. One hand at her throat and the other grazing her body, admiring her, and decided I’m gonna use this to its full potential.

Slapped her and dragged her by her hair into her bedroom, Sat on her bed, put her over my knee and spanked her. There was times in our friendship where I grabbed it as a joke and pretended I didn’t immediately want to Fuck her after but Now i’m brutally spanking her but her pants are pissing me off so I Strip them off and spank harder
“ You want it so bad, PROVE IT “ I said
I spank her more and more, faster and faster my hand is burning her ass is Hot, She can barely hold still and she’s going from Red to Purple before my eyes and it’s gorgeous. She starts screaming
“ I WANT IT I WANT IT “ she screams
I continue to go at it !!

“ FUCK STOP STOP STOP I CANT IM SORRY “ She Screams and I stop as I let her rest on the bed with her butt bruised like crazy and I go to massage it but even with that it’s too sensitive and she starts flinching. Feeling her butt in jeans and college pants never felt as good as now. she was Belly down with her face in the pillow but I wasn’t done with her.
“ You want to please me, Make a good slut out of you “ I said as i get behind her and force her into an arch and strip her panties and instead of throwing them away I stuffed them in her mouth so she could taste how Wet she was. Seeing Fat Pussy makes me so happy and I put it in so Wettt and so tight, Pull her hair back being ruthless, slapping her occasionally
“ I’m comforting that fat slutty pussy of yours “
“ What a good Slut
“ Fat ass like this is made to be used “
“ So fucking sexy “
I said Throughout, I slow down my strokes to hold her close to me and put my head to her ear
“ Papi please tell me your gonna cum, Do you feel good ? Do I make you feel good ? “ She Said begging for a response
“ You make me feel real good, Your gorgeous and sexy and don’t dare think otherwise or else you’ll have to see this side of me again “
I flip her and put her in missionary and we begin making out while i’m giving it to her, Im breathing hard, she’s moaning our lips never unlock, and my hands grope her fat tits that I spent so many nights wishing I could have. We fuck so passionately and rough, Sensual, Fantasy that I cum inside her filling up her fat pussy and instead of pulling out i thrust deeper unloading the fattest load of cum inside of her and as she feels it
“ O my Papi you do think I’m cute, All this cum is for me “ She said as she took her fingers to scoop nd lick any drops of cum that came out. We Cuddled together after and she got all happy
“ Thank you, Your at all times there for me when I need you “ She said
“ No issue of course what are friends for “ I said even though this time she needed me it was to drain my balls truly empty.

That was about a week ago
If the comments demand it I’ll drop an update to let y’all know the situation currently.

NSFW: yes


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