i’m all the time hungry

I know I’m probably crazy for this. I’m sure lots of people would look down on this kind of desire, but who am I to give a fuck? I was born for submission. I was designed to be owned, to be a follower. I can’t, even if I wanted to, go against my nature. This is just how I am. Don’t misunderstand me, though. My submission is not for anyone; it’s not a luxury everyone can afford. Only those who can bring it out of me can possess it. And that’s how I want to live this life. I want to be owned. I can go as far as saying I need it. I want guidance and control. I want to serve in any way I can. I want to exist to attend to and satiate earthly pleasures. For one, or two, or however many, those who deserve it from me. Because to me there is no better adventure than that: exploring someone’s body, like reading a book, you learn their story; all the little switches, the involuntary spasms. The sounds are my absolute fucking favorite. The words that dance on their lips, the low grunts and breathy moans. It drives me over the edge to know I’m doing a good job, that my body makes you happy. I want to kiss and savor every inch until my mouth is impregnated with their taste, to where even a small trace of their scent can turn me into their toy. 

And that’s when the fun really starts. 

I get needy and hungry. I’m insatiable, addicted to only two things: pleasure and pain. As much as I want to be owned, I want to be used. I don’t want to be wanted or tasted or touched, I want to be desired and devoured and ripped aside. I want to be fucked from the inside out, abused within an inch of my life. I want it more than I want to breathe. I crave your cock. 

Sit back and let me be of use. I want to lick your tip, kissing and sucking all around the head, getting you drippy and horny. The taste of your precum on my lips excites me. I take you a little deeper, wrapping my hands around you and stroking your cock. I can feel you getting drippier and harder in my mouth. You’re having a hard time not shoving your cock as hard and as deep as you possibly can. You wrap your hand around my neck, bringing my face inches away from yours, “let me spit in your mouth, my dirty cockslut, open up.” Your warm spit runs down my tongue, but I don’t swallow; I let it slide down my lips onto your cock and begin sucking again, sloppy and passionate. I only use my hands to hold on to your legs so I can open up my throat with your cock. I take you in, swallowing inch by inch, slowly feeling you filling me up until I’m stretched and open for you, adjusting to your size. My nose is touching the base, my tongue licking your balls. My throat is tight around you, making your moans harder and harder to contain. It’s so warm and wet, and I’m going so dumb from lack of air. I want to come back up, but you hold me down, bucking your hips to drive yourself deeper in. The tears begin running down my cheeks, the spit spurting out onto your balls from the coughing. I scratch at your legs, but you’ll only let me go a couple inches up before you push yourself right back in. You’re only getting rougher and louder, your moans turning to grunts as you abuse my mouth. It hurts, my throat is becoming sore, but your pleasure is so raw and palpable, I don’t want you to stop using me. Finally you let me go, but I keep sucking you off just as eagerly. I grip tight with my hands and jerk you off into my mouth, working hard for my load. Your body’s tensing under me. Your words are slurred. Your growls are low and aggressive. I feel your cock pulsating in my mouth and I know my prize is coming. You push and hold my head down as thick cum coats the back of my throat. I struggle to not spill a single drop, but I want to make you super proud of me. I swallow it all and keep sucking you off, making sure every last bit is drained from your balls. My mouth is satisfied, but I need you to take care of my other holes.

NSFW: yes


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