I was their bitch

Sunday started with me (20F) waking up naked, horny and full of anticipation for the later in the day events. Around 9:00, Sir texted me with some instructions:

2:00 same location as last time. Come dressed in something sexy, covered by leggings and a t shirt. Room 318. Knock twice. When you enter, take one step in with your eyes closed and wait for instructions.

Knock Knock….

Upon entry, the words Strip Bitch rang out. I started to undress without opening my eyes. As I got to my sexy lingerie, I was told to stop. Open your eyes Bitch. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. There were eleven men in the room, all naked, waiting to pounce on every bit of my 20 year old body. I took a deep breath and waited for my next instructions.

Walk from guy to guy, sucking each cock with only bending over. Each time I bent over, I felt a hand spank my ass. My pussy was on fire already.

After sucking all eleven cocks and getting eleven spanks, I was told to sit on the bed and finger fuck myself. I did as I was told. As I neared my first cum, out of my mouth came the words ‘may I please cum Sir?’ I had been trained and he granted me permission to cum. I flooded the bed.

The next words were direct: fuck this bitch until she can not walk.

For the next three hours I was a fuck toy for these eleven men. They fucked my ass, my mouth and my pussy until they all said they were done with me for the day. They all left, including Sir. He told me to get dressed and go home. No showering here.

When I got home, the inside of my leggings were covered in cum. The cum was leaking from my ass and my pussy. My stomach felt uneasy as I know I swallowed at least 6 loads today.

After a shower, I read my texts….not one from any of them. Two hours later, still none. I am literally sitting in my bed right now waiting for Sir to contact me and tell me I was a good girl.

NSFW: yes


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