I want to know…[FFM 30+/ cuckqueen/ voyer]

So I have a pretty common kink, I believe its called cuckqueen… I love for women to tell me they want to fuck my boyfriend. Now this doesn’t mean we have an open relationship and he can fuck whomever he wants..without me.
I want to be there to watch him kiss her soft lips.
I want to be there to watch them undress eachother, him pulling down the top of her dress and her pulling his shirt up over his head.
I want to watch as he takes off her bra, removing it in one swift move like he’s done with me.
I want to watch as he kisses down her neck, down to her nipples and sucks them. I know how good he is with his mouth, and I can tell she’s enjoying it.
I want to watch them kiss , topless, her naked , wet, arroused nipples pressed against his hairy chest.
I want to watch as he moves down her stomach, and pulls her sexy underwear down, kissing her mound as he removes the last piece of clothing she has.
I want to watch as he licks her, on his knees while her leg is up.
I want to watch as he moves one finger in her, then two, then three as he sucks her clit.
I want her to moan his name, while she looks at me, fingering my soaking wet pussy
I know what she’s feeling… and I know what cums next..

NSFW: yes

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