He made me his bitch [FM]

For some reason i (F18) was extremely horny yesterday. I had to go to work but i had 2 hours to spare before i left to go to work. I invited my bf (M19) out for some breakfast at our favourite café to take away to the park. At the park, we stayed in the car and ate our food. As he was eating his sandwich, i couldn’t help but grab his face to turn towards me to kiss him. He looked so good eating that sandwich. I wished it was me he was eating.

Just staring at my boyfriend eating a sandwich got me even more hornier than i already was. I mean, he was just eating a sandwich and my pussy was DRIPPING. After we finished eating, we went into the back seat where the windows are slightly tinted. I put my head on his lap and we cuddled in silence. That whole time i was just imagining him rummaging my insides with that dick. I guess he was thinking the same since I felt his dick bulge grow underneath my head. I started rubbing it with my hands through his clothes and then i looked up at him and that was an invitation for him to kiss me. He pulled me up onto his lap and I put my hands all over him while kissing him.

We kissed really hard. It was wet, sloppy and hot asf. Tongues were intertwining and tasting each other and our lips could not get enough. He bit my lip and sucked my tongue and i did the same. He worked his way from my lips to my neck, grabbing my hair and pulling it back to make way for his kisses. He made number 8’s with his tongue and making me moan so hard. My neck is the most sensitive spot in my whole body and his tongue felt so ecstatic on it. My legs were shaking and i was scratching his back rly hard just from him kissing and licking my neck.

All of a sudden, a family pulls up to the car next to us and we abruptly stop. We decide to get out of the park and go to our favourite private river side. On the whole drive there, i couldnt stop thinking of his dick. It took all my might to not look at his dick while i drove. I parked my car and we walked to the river bank that was past bushes and brambles.

When we reached the river side, my boyfriend sat on a rock platform (its up to his hips in height) and he started talking. As he was talking, i went up to him and i wrapped my arms around him, kissing him. It caught him off guard and i felt him smile through my kisses (GOD DAMN) and then he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to his body then wrapped his arms around my waist. The kisses got heated again and he grabbed my ass while i put my fingers through his hair.

He pulls back and stares at me. He wraps his hands around my neck and chokes me. “Fuck you’re so pretty”. He shoves his tongue into my mouth again and kisses me REALLY HARD again. Mid-kiss he stands up, hands still around my neck and forces me to bend over the rock platform he was sitting on. He pulls down my pants, revealing a hot, wet mess. I was really wet to the point it was dripping down my leg.

With one hand, he pushed me down onto the rock and with the other, he starts feeling my clit. The wetness just made the feeling more intense. I was moaning so loud and then he inserts a finger and finger fucks me, moving his finger in and out rly fast and then up and down. He inserts a second finger and i moan even louder. At this moment, he places his thumb near my asshole and covers my mouth with the hand that was pinning me down. “Be quiet slut or ill shove my thumb up your pretty little ass”.

I had no choice but to try be quiet. I was whimpering trying not to moan as he finger fucked me. He pulled my head back with his hand over my mouth and gave my forhead a kiss. Then he went back to finger fucking me so hard. “Fuck i love controlling you. I love that ur my bitch and my bitch only and you do as i say”. In between moans i say “im your bitch”. I put my hands back to feel his buldge. “Sit down” i tell him. “When did i give u the permission to speak, slut?” He asks.

“Please i need your dick”
“And what if i choose not to give it to you?”
“Please, fuck! I need your dick. I need it right now. Inside me. Idc if its in my mouth or in my wet fucking pussy, just give me your dick!”
“Damn, since when did my little slut get so demanding. Fine, I’ll let you have it”

He slid his fingers out of me and i stood up so he could sit on the rock. I went on my knees and began to take his gigantic 7 inch monster into my mouth. He grabbed my head and began to face fuck me really hard, sometimes pushing his dick into the back of my throat and leaving it there until i gag and tap his legs so he could pull out and let me have a breath. I used my hand to rub his cock, up and down and used my mouth to play with his tip.

I then went back to deep throating him, slowly pushing his cock into my throat, getting faster each time. “Fuck, put it in me please” i beg him. He stands up and i bend over the rock. He rams his dick into my vagina and i scream. “I thought i told you to be quiet”. He slaps my ass, and i wince. Then he begins to fuck me really hard, grabbing my love handles and pounding me with all his strength. His balls hitting my ass and making a lewd, sexy sound. My pussy being so wet that it sounds like a slurpy mess.

My moans quicken as i began to get closer to having an orgasm. “Play with your clit right now” he says. I do, and at that point, i orgasm. My legs give in and i collapse onto the rock shaking and breathing really hard. My boyfriend doesnt give me a chance to recuperate before he starts to pound my pussy again, this time, even faster.

He gets close to cumming and i turn around and take his load right into my mouth. I made sure to get every single drop of it. I fucking love the taste of his cum. His dick and balls were twitching and he was looking up from pure pleasure. Fuck, hes so hot.

NSFW: yes

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