I wondered I was talking to her Daughter

Have you ever met a mom and daughter that are both beautiful sound very similar on the phone and when you see them in public you actually think that they’re sisters? Well do I have a great story regarding my first ever encounter like this.

I was out at the popular local watering hole and ran into these two beautiful Latina women. I immediately knew who they were and introduced myself to them, because of how prominent they are in the community. Immediately,as they should they a bit defensive because lots of guys try to flirt with them but are shut down by either the mom or daughter, whichever one is getting spoken to. But this was nothing like that. We all would advantage from each other due to our line of work, so right after the introduction then we started talking all together.

One thing leads to another and I have a phone number which I wondered was the daughters who is a few years older than me and they have my company card. Later that night one of their phones died and I wondered I was speaking to the daughter the whole time and also texting way to late or early ing the morning…. Turns out it was her gorgeous mother and we had set a date to get drinks a few days later.

I was a bit shocked when it was not who I wondered it was but rather the fine wine that you all the time wanted to try at dinner but never got to. We both laughed for hours about it and later walked to the local dive bar pool hall.

When it was time to go rest my head I mentioned that I was getting an Uber home and would getting her a ride back home. At this point I knew what the 1942 had done to both of us and could only imagine and fantasize what it would be like waking up as a Cub next to this gorgeous Lioness.

She said you’re not getting me an Uber I’m going home with you. My eyes lit up and I felt my blood begin to rush as I had butterflies o the ride back to my house. As I opened the door to let her in she took about three steps in and shut the door backed up against the wall and grabbed me hard pushing her up against the wall. All of a sudden I couldn’t believe this was happening, not only that but I could’t get her bra strap to unhook. All of a sudden she dropped the shoulder blades on hr dress and it hit the ground and she pinched her bra together, and that fell right after it. The rest you can imagine how we tried to race to the bedroom while hitting every wall because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

Waking up the next day felt like a victory, like you won the championship game, made the last put in the masters, hit the final shot, how great ad amazing the sex is.

Never underestimate yourself, be confident in yourself, because at anytime you may get to go home with the Mom.

NSFW: yes

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