[30F ] Banged by my Boss

Yesterday I got an e-mail saying that I was invited to model for a clothing brand. So I went for the interview. The staff told me to go to the changing room and put on a dress, and when I went there, there was only lingerie there, so I searched for my size and put it on, and when I came out of the changing room, a guy was sitting on the sofa, and the staff introduced me to him. He turns out to be the boss. I was the only one invited to the interview. After the introduction, he told me to do some natural poses for him, which I did. After that, he asked me to do some embarrassing poses like making me put my hand up and splitting my legs, which presented him with my whole body. The next pose he made me do was to get on the table and bend over towards him and present my boobs. The next one was me bending over and presenting my ass to him. He then said that he wanted to check my physique and grabbed my waist from the back and moved his hand all around my body. I needed the offer they gave me to minimize my husband’s expenses. After that, he asked me to change back and sit down on the sofa next to him, and we talked about the money. After a while, the deal was made. Right after that, he offered me another deal while pouring a glass of alcohol. The deal was pretty big, but I was in a dilemma about whether to accept it or reject it. I chugged a couple of glasses of alcohol without thinking and, out of greed, accepted it without thinking too. He took me to a room and threw me on the bed. He undressed, and he just spread my legs, reached under my one-piece, put my underwear to the side, and fucked me with a condom on. The first time his dick went inside me, my eyes teared up and my lips came out. It felt so good that I started moaning loudly. As he was fucking me, my straps were loose and my boobs popped out. He fucked me while I got carried, fucked me while bending over, and he pulled my hand and hair while banging me from the back. At the end, it felt so good that I sucked on his dick with the condom with cum in it. He didn’t even let me take a break after any round, and in the end, we ended up doing 4 rounds. It was already late, so he dropped me home. He said that he would drop me at the gate, and he was holding me from the back . My husband saw him walking behind me with his hand hugging my waist and me holding it.

NSFW: yes

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