I sucked dick in front of my dad

This happened when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time had come to visit me at home and we were both cuddling on the sofa. Right next to us on his armchair was my dad, who had just fallen asleep while watching TV.

We started to get a bit freaky while cuddling, when suddenly my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to give him a blowjob right there on the spot. The risk of being caught by my dad really excited me, so without hesitation I started unzipping his pants. His cock was already rock hard, so I immediately got down to company. I blew him for some time until he finally told me that he was about to cum. He wanted to give me a facial, so I got on my knees and began stroking his dick in anticipation for his load. Just as he started busting all over my face my dad suddenly woke up. I still remember the look on his face after he saw what was happening. He looked absolutely mortified seeing his precious little girl being covered with cum. Surprisingly he didn’t get mad at all. He just told us that we should be doing this somewhere in private and quickly left the living room. After that me and my ex boyfriend spent the whole night laughing and joking about the whole situation.

For the next couple of days there was definitely some awkwardness between me and my dad, but we both acted like nothing ever happened that night. Regardless of it all this was definitely an experience and I don’t regret it even one bit.

NSFW: yes

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