I met my room mates sister part 2

So this is a follow on from the first story

So on the Saturday my room mate her sister and I decided to go out for lunch which kinda turned into an arvo sesh which then lead to a night out of drinking. We got home at about midnight and my room mate passed out in the Uber home so we carried her up and put her to bed.

We were both quite drunk and after we put my room mate to bed we went into my room and just talked for abit which didn’t last long, and moved onto making out whilst our hands were exploring each other’s body’s like it was the first time, I slide my hand down her top and in her lacy bra. I just couldn’t get enough of her perfect boobs massaging them while playing with her pink nipples, I took her top off and unhooked her bra.
I kissed down her neck as my hands thought up her tight skirt, between her legs gently rubbing her pussy over her panties. I got on top of her continued to kiss down her fit body, took her skirt off to reveal a sexy red lacy see through thong which made my cock throb even harder, I licked her pussy over her thong, then slid them off her and as I went to put my tongue on her clit she tells me she wants to sit on my face.
I happily agreed, took my shirt off lied on the bed as she straddled my face, her pink shaved pussy being lowered onto my lips as I felt her taking my pants off. She got rid of those while I had my tongue up her pussy and her juices rubbing into my mouth, I felt her mouth and her hands rubbing up down my hard cock with the occasional tickle of the balls, which made me pull my face into her pussy even more. Her moans got louder and I could her legs starting to shake, I got my tongue as far inside as I and then she let out load moan as her mouth was over my cock. I thrusted up and let out massive load in her mouth, taking it all down her throat, she swallowed, sat up and slid my cock straight into her pussy and rode me for abit.

Then I got up she stayed bent over and I fucked her from behind, pulling her up so her back was on my chest playing with her nipples with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, she grabbed my hand that was on her clit and pushed my finger hard on her clit and said she was cumming, so thrusted abit quicker into her as she collapsed on all fours with another orgasm. She lied on her back and i straddled her, while she gave me a handjob making me blow another load all over her, I collapsed next her. We lied there for abit then got up cleaned ourselves up and fell asleep

NSFW: yes

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