The Dead Walking Ch. 01 – Erotic Horror

I was alone at home when it happened.

My name is Amanda, born and raised in Singapore, 22 years old(2000), E cup boobs. Average height, slim body.

I called in sick for my office work and applied for medical leave. It was noisy outside so I went to take a look out the windows.


Zombies biting peoples and ripping them aside. Some humans were defending themselves but eventually they fell victim to the zombies.

I quickly went to check that I’ve locked my doors before closing my windows and curtains.

I’ve watched a few zombie shows before, so I knew that I couldn’t make noises or turn on the lights at night. My phones and the internet didn’t work after the outbreak.

After 3 days of living in fear in my house on the 10th floor, i saw something disturbing outside my windows. There was a large group of men with guns and knives cornering a smaller group.

I couldn’t make out what they were saying but they were arguing about something. Next thing I saw was the man being shot and the 2 girls got taken by the large group of men. When one of the men looked up and I quickly closed my curtains. I knew what they were doing after I wondered about it. They were recruiting survivors into their group. Specifically female ones.

2 more days went by and there were fewer zombies outside. I knew I had to go out soon since my food rations were getting low. Just one mistake and I’ll be dead.

There’s no internet left so all I had was memories of how to fight zombies from movies and television. A lethal blow to the head with a gun or knife. All I had at home was a few knives meant for cooking.

I got ready to leave my home to discover more food. I decided to travel as light as feasible because I wanted to be able to run if I needed to. All I had on me was a translucent pink dress that was meant for sleepwear, shoes and a kitchen knife on each hand.

I had to be as light as feasible.

I took a peek before opening my doors and walking out. The lift was no longer working so I had to take the stairs. The lift makes a lot of noise anyway.

I went from 10th floor to the 2nd floor without difficulty. There were a few zombies but I stabbed their heads with my knives. Suddenly, I heard clapping and I turned my head. There were a few men watching me kill a zombie from a house.

“Erm.. Hi guys.” I said.

“Hey sexy!” The men said. “What’s up beautiful!”

“I’m running out of food so I’m going out to find more. What about you guys?” I asked.

“We’re looking for food too… Fresh meat like you.” The men said and laughed.

I didn’t get what they meant and assumed it was about food. The men invited me into their home, saying “Wanna come in? We will make sure you’re well fed.”

“Sure! Thanks guys!” I said and happily walked in.

After walking in, I saw 4 naked girls kneeling on the floor, they had steel collars around their necks and chains attached to their collars, wrists behind their back and ankles.

“What is all this?” I asked the men.

“What do you think, Slut?” The men said and spanked my butt from behind.

“Erm… I don’t really understand… can you explain it to me?” I asked.

The Alpha of the pack stood up and everyone stood at attention. He introduced himself as Ace, one of the commanders in their group, ‘The Poker Face’. His offer to me was if I was eager to be under their protection, all I had to do would be to have sex with the guys.m for Food, medicine and protection.

I asked if I had to be like those naked girls on the floor. Ace nodded his head and said Yes. I told him that I had to think about it first, Ace laughed and assigned 3 men to pass me some food and to escort me back to my home.

Regardless of what happened, I did get the food. I went back to my home upstairs after thanking Ace with the 3 men following me behind.

“You didn’t lock your door?” A man asked when I opened it.

“Not much of a point if its empty,” I replied.

All of us went in and the men went to check all the rooms for zombies after I locked my doors.

I went to eat my given food in the kitchen as I was starving! The men returned and said “No zombies here!”

I thanked the gentlemen and continued eating as they joined me at the kitchen table.

The men kept on staring at me as I ate my food. I knew why they’re staring. I’m dressing like a slut. My choice of wearing my translucent dress backfired on me. My nipples could be seen very clearly as well as the shape of my naked body.

The men finally asked me, “so Amanda, why are you wearing so little? You’re basically in your lingerie! The zombies can easily scratch you!”

I swallowed my food and replied, “well I wanted to be able to run if I had to, and….I saw what you guys did a few days ago to that man… I know what you guys want from me… and I want to survive too.. so…”

“So what?” The men asked, “you decided to give yourself to us?”

“Well, only after I heard the full offer from your Boss.” I said.

“Looks like you do understand the situation, baby girl!” The men said. “Here we thought you’re just another dumb bitch.”

I laughed a little and said, “well I’m not all that clever but I’m not stupid either. I know what I need to do to survive and it’s better if I don’t resist you guys, right?”

The men smiled and said “Great! We got a high tier lady over here! Boss would be happy!”

I wanted to ask about the structure of their group but the men told me to get ready to move first. Boss or the commanders would tell me everything later.

“Okay Sir…” I said and stood up. I slowly slide the straps of my dress off my shoulders and allowed it to slide down.

The 3 men stared at my boobs and pussy very intensively. I had to bend down to look at their eyes and asked, “can you boys protect me while I go get a shower? I need to get ready…”

The men nodded their heads while still staring at my nipples.

“Follow me” I said while holding the hands of one of them. “Wait here and protect me okay?” I asked.

I proceeded to take a shower with my door wide open, bathing in front of the men.

Being naked in front of 3 men is nothing compared to being dead and eaten alive. I knew it was the new world, and I had to adapt to it. All a weak girl like me can do is probably kill some zombies on my own and die eventually. I needed a group to be safe. If it means having sex with men to be protected from zombies, so be it. I will do whatever it takes to survive.

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