I met my boyfriend’s family with his cum in me [24F]

I planned to meet my boyfriend’s (at the time, now ex) family at their house for dinner a few months into our relationship. Their impression was that I had beat them to their house by a few minutes and was patiently waiting for dinner. What they didn’t know is that I was getting fucked by their son while we were home alone.

It was us in his room in his empty house and he was teasing me about how his parents have no idea how I’m such a slut for him. This turned me on and I started giving him head. I had my hair and makeup all done so i didn’t let him get too rough with me. I ended up riding his dick while he laid on his bed and I told him I wanted to have his cum in me when I met his parents. He was of course into it and I rode him until he came in my pussy. I put my jeans on and waited downstairs for them. I could feel it on my legs when we were conversing in their living room and it made me feel so dirty!

NSFW: yes

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  1. shinywet69

    There’s something so hot about something like this. I love knowing that my wife has my cum in her when we are out in public, but no one else knows. We’ve done this and gone to tons of events like weddings, NYE parties, and my favorite on the beach when she’s in a bikini.

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