I may like her a little…. [FMF]

I may like her a little…. [FMF]


“You like her don’t you, you haven’t taken your eyes off her for three days as I laughed ?”

No response from Rick just a grin because he knew he was caught even with sunglasses on.

“I saw you looking down at her top! Her tits are wonderful I said”

Our Waitress, Pam returned with some new drinks so our conversation with her continued, we found out she was 33 and lived with friends close to where we were. She was single.

Rick was daydreaming a bit, probably about how she might look naked when my question suddenly brought him back from his dream.

“How would you like to join my husband and me in our villa for a few more drinks after the restaurant closes?”

“ That would be wonderful its been kind of a rough day” She agreed and as she walked away I looked at Rick with a grin and said

“Sometimes it’s as easy as that”

Soon after the restaurant closed our phone rang it was Pam, she told Rick she would be down after she cleaned up.

I had Rick make me a cosmo and he poured a scotch and we sat outside on the balcony.

It wasn’t long before Pam joined us on the balcony. Rick asked, “What are you having to drink?”

Pam said if we had Rum that would be great with diet coke if we had it if not just ice.

As Rick got the drinks Pam and I continued our conversation around the coffee table. Rick handed Pam her drink and said it’s a little stiff but you have catching up to do and laughed.

We sat around the table, my eyes were constantly looking at Pam’s nipples poking through her thin shirt in the night breeze and the skirt which kept hiking up her thigh each time she reached for a drink. I said to myself boy did Rick pick the wrong seat as I laughed.

A couple more drinks all around and the conversation drifted onto relationships. I was feeling pretty loose and so was Pam, we had already known she was single but I decided to ask a few more personal questions about her relationships as we were not just talking like girlfriends.

At some point, I told Pam how old Rick and I were and she wondered I was kidding. Good skin I said, and I have been blessed with it just luck and good family genes.

“It’s more than good skin Pam said, god your body is wonderful, women half your age should be so lucky”

Pam and I were sitting extremely close when she said I have two funny stories about you both this week.

“Do tell I said”

I pastry chef wants to fuck your husband, every day she makes us all laugh with her comments. Today she just looked at you both having breakfast and said to the kitchen staff, I wonder when people would report her missing meaning you. We all were laughing when I said, well what do you think of him? Pam said your husband is very attractive but I’m not plotting your death she said, as we laughed more.

The other funny thing is the pool boy has the Hot’s for you he’s like a 15-year-old kid but he told his buddy he can’t even walk by your chair at the pool because his little cock gets hard. More laughs from all of us and Pam was definitely feeling the effects of her third double.

I said as long as we’re making confessions here, I should tell you that both my husband and I discover you extremely attractive. I watched Pam’s face as I said it and waited for a reaction. She just smiled a bit and thank you I’m really glad I got to know you better this trip.

I stared at her and leaned in to kiss her but waited to see if she would kiss me first and she did. We kissed more passionately for a minute and when we broke, she just whispered

“That was unbelievable”

Are you okay with this? as kissed her and lightly touched her hard nipple through her shirt.

“Oh my god yes Pam said”

Rick’s eyes were glued to us as we lightly touched each other. You could clearly see the bulge of his cock as he rubbed it through his white linen shorts.

“Does he turn you on?”

“Yes, of course, Pam said and his cock is getting massive”

I ordered Rick “take out your cock now and show us”

Rick was just staring at us as he undid his belt slid down his zipper and instantly his cock sprang out.

“Take off your shorts I told him, Pam wants to see how big your cock can get”.

“Stroke it I told him, show us how gorgeous it is I said”

“Touch it,” I told Pam he is really hard for you”

With that, I took Pam’s hand and firmly held it in place on his cock. Pam looked at me unsure of what to do next.

Pam stared at me for a moment and said are you sure you are okay with this?

“You’ve made him hard since the moment we saw you this week you should really suck his cock”

“Now go ahead suck him off I said.”

Pam bent down and took the end of his cock in her wet mouth as Rick lay back. Rick said this feels amazing as Pam sucked hard on his head.

“That’s it,” I said to Pam, “take more of it into your mouth. Look into his eyes, see how much he’s enjoying your mouth on his cock it’s what he’s wanted all week!”

Rick’s eyes locked onto Pam’s beautiful face as she sucked in more and more of his cock. She was taking him deeper to the point of choking then she would back off a few seconds and just use her tongue to swirl around the head before trying to take the full shaft into her mouth again.

I bent over and took Rick’s cock in my hand and said like this, as I throated and held his 8 plus inches of his cock to his balls. Pam kept going further and holding it longer as she swallowed more of his cock.

I began rubbing my hands up and down Pam’s back, teasing her waistline before finding the bottom of her skirt and pushing her hand up inside it. Pam didn’t try and stop it, she just let out a moan as my hand rubbed against her moistening, thong-covered pussy.

I reached around and began to unbutton Pam’s blouse, moving her arms as she pulled it off a sleeve at a time. Pam’s tits were now open for Rick to watch as her mouth slid up and down his massive Cock. I then took my hands reached around and cupped her tits, fondling the nipples, making them stand up hard. Rick’s cock was now hard as I had ever seen it and he was in heaven watching the entire length of his cock be licked by Pam while I worked her body from behind.

I looked over to the hotel alongside us and noticed two young men staring across from their balcony, trying to stay out of view, not wanting to stop the show. I laughed to myself silently.

I then took Pam spread her legs wider and started running my hands up her thighs. I slid down her thong and her pussy was soaking wet so I started rubbing her the pussy and clit as she squirmed.

“Mmm…” Pam let out as she slurped on Rick’s cock. The sensations were making her shiver with pleasure. I turned over and lay beneath her and raised my mouth connected with her pussy. I started licking its entire length, using my hand to open the lips as I pushed my tongue as far into her as I could. I wet my finger with her pussy and started slowly using it to rub her asshole as I licked her clit. I could sense she was about to cum and backed off a bit.

“Oh…You’re so fucking wet,” I said, ” I think it’s time you had a cock inside you.”

I slid up and had Pam stop sucking Rick, I moved her onto her back and open her legs as Rick moved between them. Rick was rubbing his massive cockhead against her clit and I ordered him to fuck her.

Fuck her, she needs to be fucked.”

Rick slowly worked his massive cock into her as she just kept saying oh my god over and over again and again with every inch she received.

“Oh…that’s it, oh fuck, that’s it, as Rick picked up his pace,”

I lightly rubbed my clit and pulled on my nipples as Rick fucked her, Pam’s breathing had changed and I could tell she was close again.

I then stood up drop the bottom of my skirt and mounted Pam’s face and its time for you to eat me.

“Eat my pussy.”

I knelt directly above her face and ground my wet slit on her mouth. Instantly I knew that she was no stranger to licking pussy as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick my slit. Rick and I kissed so he could taste her as he fucked her pussy and I fucked her mouth.

I was so close to cumming all over this girl’s face, and could tell Rick could blow off at any second. I thought if the boys that were trying to see us earlier were still trying. In case they were, I pulled my top over her head and she took off my bra exposing myself.

Pam started to cum and her moans were silenced by my pussy that covered her mouth. As she started rubbing her clit with her hand, I felt her pussy start to contract.

“Rick said I’m going to fucking cum as he slowly continued to fuck Pam.”

Pam sucked really hard on my clit for about 15 seconds more when I said, that’s it, no don’t fucking stop.

“Oh fuck, eat my pussy, I yelled…” I screamed I’m fucking cumming”

I was soaking wet and was now cumming all over Pam’s face.

As soon as I had cum Rick pulled his soaking-wet cock out, he stroked it maybe three times when Gushes of hot cum sprayed everywhere over the both of us.

I crawled off Pam and licked some of Rick’s cum off her gorgeous tits before sharing Rick’s cum with her.

The End

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