Cuckquean Quickie #5 [cuckquean, ffm, 30s]

I was desperate to touch myself, to feel my smooth fingers slide across my wet lips, moving down before they slid into me. But all I could do was kneel and watch, my hands tied behind my back. I fingered a loose strand of the soft silk between my thumb and forefinger, imagining my fingers circling my clit, providing relief from the ever-building tension.

I was so wet I couldn’t stand it, and as I knelt there, helpless, I could feel a droplet of my desire trickling down my thigh. What I wouldn’t have given for her to place her warm tongue on my bare flesh and slowly run it up my thigh, tasting me as she moved up between my legs until her tongue found what she most desired. Instead, I could only watch as he took her from behind, her naked body pressed against the wall.

“Oh, fuck me, Daddy”, she gasped, pushing her head back, her face covered in sweat from exertion. As he pounded her delicious little pussy, the vibrations shook the dressing table, upon which stood a picture of him and me on our honeymoon, now shaking as he gave his all to fucking this younger woman.

Her hands were pinned to the wall above her head, her slim wrists both held in one of his hands, the other on her thigh, holding up the panties that were halfway down her legs.

I watched as he fucked her, getting wetter at all times, my body shaking with desperation. Then, with a moan he pulled out of her and began working himself with his hand, her pussy juice lubricating his heaving cock.

“Cum for me, Daddy”, she moaned, pushing her ass back, her newly freed hand now holding her panties halfway up her thighs. As he moaned, he came, and I watched as the thick load that had been destined for her tight little cunt now coated the inside of her panties, stream after stream until he was completely spent.

Fuck”, he said, stumbling back, cock in hand.

“There’s so much”, she said, as she stepped back from the wall and looked at the cum-covered panties weighed down between her legs. “Daddy must have been pleased.”

I watched as she bent over and lowered her panties down her thighs, stepping out of them one perfect leg at a time, exposing her freshly-fucked pussy, and her tight little asshole to me as she did so.

“Clean up Daddy”, she said, as she leaned back against the wall, panties held between her hands. I obeyed and opened my mouth, ready for his cock. He pressed himself into my mouth and I closed my lips on him, the taste of his cum and her pussy mixing in my mouth for the first time. He held my hair to keep me steady as I sucked his cock, still on my knees, until he was nice and clean.

“Up”, she said, and he took me by the arm and helped me to my feet. “Here’s your present”, she said, as she walked towards me. “Aren’t you grateful?” She held the panties up for me to see his thick load sitting in them.

“Yes, Miss”, I said. “So grateful.”

“That’s a good little slut”, she said and crouched down. I stepped into the panties, one foot at a time, then watched as she slowly slid them up my legs, the soft fabric brushing against me, until they were fully on and I could feel his hot load in her panties pressed against my dripping wet pussy.

“A perfect fit. We should call you Cumderella.” She laughed and in my humiliation, I only became more aroused. “Now”, she said, as she lay on the bed, spreading her legs and once again presenting to me her tight little slit, “it’s my turn.”

I knelt back down at the foot of the bed with the warmth of my husband’s cum pressing against me, and ran my tongue up her thigh, licking the drops of arousal that came from fucking my husband. I took a moment to admire her soft, tight cunt before slowly running my tongue up her, tasting her fully.

“That’s a good little whore”, she said, as she lay back, her hips grinding softly against my face.

As I continued to lick her, her movements got faster and I struggled to keep my balance as I ate her out, until her thighs clamped on either side of my face, holding me in place as she rubbed her pussy against me.

“That’s a good Cumderella”, she said, reaching down and grabbing me by the hair, directing my mouth to her clit, which I began to gently suck, “you will go to the ball.”

I sucked on her swollen clit as she held my head in place, my husband’s cuckcake using me as her own little fucktoy.

“Oh yes”, she moaned, rubbing against my face faster, more intently, as her grip on my hair tightened. She moaned louder as she fucked my mouth, her body writhing on my marital bed, the sheets getting covered in her sweat and scent and vaginal fluids as I brought her orgasm, as all the while my husband watched me suck on her cunt.

She moaned as I continued to lick and suck, my mouth and tongue working on her perfect pussy as she cried out with pleasure, rubbing faster against me as she came, my face covered in her wetness, her pleasure being all I could think about.

When she finally came, she let go of my hair, and her body collapsed onto the bed. She slipped her legs from either side of my head and rolled to the side, exposing her tight ass to me. I desperately wanted her to get on all fours and command me to eat her tight little asshole, my husband holding aside her asscheeks so I could bury my face in between them. But we all knew it was too late for that. I had to get to work.


“So, in the third quarter, we saw a seven and a half per cent increase in…” droned Neil, as I struggled to pretend I was paying attention. As I sat in the meeting room, surrounding my colleagues and superiors, I could still feel my husband’s cum in his cuckcake’s panties, the ones I was currently wearing.

Even after I had cleaned up, I could still taste her, could still smell her sweet pussy. It had been an eventful morning and all I could think about was them. I still hadn’t cum, had been forbidden from cumming, in fact, and it was all I could think about. As he droned on, I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together, thinking of the silk that had bound my hands this morning, and how I desperately wanted to be rubbing something else as I watched the two of them once again.

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