I (M18) met up with someone from a dating app for first time

Prior to this I hadn’t had sex in almost 2 years.

I was very unsure about and a bit nervous about meeting up as I had never done so with someone I met online. But I figured I needed to get out of my comfort zone so why not. We met up around 10pm at a beach nearby her place. We both become comfortable very quickly and were having a nice chat while sitting down.

After about 20 minutes we decided to for a night swim so we both stripped down to our undies and dived into the freezing waves. It was such a rush of cold and adrenaline. But when we stood up in the water we held eachother and started to kiss. In a moment, I went from shivering my balls off to not feeling the cold at all. The kiss was pure bliss and it felt perfect.

We dressed up and headed back to her place. We hopped into a hot shower together to wash off and warm up. We starting making out again but it was more intense this time, with lots of grinding and feeling. She saw that I was erect so pulled my undies down, got on her knees and starting giving me head. After a bit I pulled her up then picked her up by her thighs so they were around me while we kissed. I put her down then took her panties off before starting to finger her while holding her.

We dried off then took it to the bed. We had sex about 40 minutes and struggled to get it in many times as I kept losing my erection for whatever reason. I didn’t end up finishing but afterwards we just lay there cuddling naked, talking and kissing for a while before I drove home.

I drove home with the biggest smile on my face and we both really enjoyed the experience. We will likely see eachother again.

NSFW: yes

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