2nd Day of Christmas: 2 Turtle-Doves. [m/f20s][cheating][69][creampie][cons]

This is my second post. Thank you to everyone who read and provided feedback on my previous one. This one is a bit longer, and if you want to skip ahead, I recommend scrolling down to the *** halfway down.

Outside the Christmas decorations tinge the room in a strange blue light. Laying on my back, I stare up at the ceiling listening to the sound of Callum’s deep and steady breathing beside me. With each exhale I feel the sheets shift. Why ever did I agree to join him and his family for Christmas? We’ve only dating for four months, it’s way too soon to meet someone’s parents. Let alone spend Christmas with them. But Callum insisted it wouldn’t be weird and against my better judgement I caved.

Maybe it was because I would have been alone otherwise; my family are away on a Christmas cruise, and at the time I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck at sea with them all for two weeks. Although now the prospect doesn’t seem so bad. Or maybe it is just because deep down I really like Callum, and even though we haven’t been together for very along I see a future for us together… Or maybe I was simply seduced by the promise of a free meal.

Perhaps it’s a combination of all the above, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to myself that I came because I had not seen my Christmas lover this year, and although I’m now in a relationship with Callum I was still disappointed when he didn’t show. Not that I was planning to do anything with him. I just wanted the closure of telling him we shan’t be fucking this year – and maybe I was curious to see how he’d react.

I first met him five years ago at a Christmas party. We were both stragglers, neither of us really knew anyone, but we started talking and ended up kissing under the mistletoe – which led to drunkenly fucking in the host’s bed. In the morning we parted without exchanging numbers. I didn’t think I’d see him again after that but the following year I ran into him at the Christmas market. Our eyes had met and although I couldn’t remember his name or if he even told me it, I couldn’t just walk past him. We got talking again, and I found out he lived in the city but his parents had moved out this way and he visited them at Christmas. Then for old time’s sake we kissed beneath the mistletoe, and then ended up fucking in his car.

The Christmas after we saw each other again in the park during the fireworks. We took each other’s hand and slipped away behind the trees. He fucked me in a bush, the sound of our orgasms drowned out by fireworks. I didn’t expect to see him again but the year after that I ran into him at the mall whilst Christmas shopping, and we fucked in the changing rooms to the sound of Jingle Bells.

We never exchanged names or phone numbers, and it made it more exciting and spontaneous whenever we inevitably ran into each other. However, this year it never happened, and I decided to do something else reckless and ill wondered out – agreeing to spend Christmas with Callum and his parents who I’d never met. And his brother Jonah.

His parent’s, Seth and Marilyn Dove, were warm and welcoming, and since we were a couple they said we could have the guest bed and Jonah could take the sofa. Jonah lives in the city, and had recently been promoted at work which I was told meant he couldn’t come up until late Christmas eve. Once we had settled in we joined them downstairs for mulled wine and boardgames by the fire. Marilyn told me all about her charity work with the donkeys, Seth talked to me about carpentry, and I remained on my best behaviour. Things couldn’t have gone better.

But then we were half way through a game of charades, Seth was laying on his back with his feet in the air like an upturned turtle, none of us had a clue what he was doing and we were all laughing too hard that we didn’t hear the front door open, but we felt the cold gust of wind blowing through the house. We fell silent as the front door slammed shut and heavy footsteps creaked along the hallway. The living room door swung open and a tall, blond stranger that I recognised all too well strode into the room.

My heart began to beat violently in my chest as I tried to process what was happening. What was my Christmas lover doing here? I was so sure that Callum and his parents were about to understand my dirty little secret, and there was nothing I could do about it. But then Marilyn let out a squeal and quickly jumped to her feet. She threw her arms around the stranger, who hugged her back, then cupping his face in her hands she kissed him on both cheeks. “Jonah! You’re here at last,” she cried.

It took me longer that it should’ve to realise what was happening – that Callum’s brother was my Christmas lover. That my Christmas lover was Jonah! He wasn’t here to see me, he probably didn’t even know I was here. My heartbeat continued to race as I thought if Jonah would say anything. What if he told them I fucked him, multiple times, in public? I know people do it always, but I cannot imagine that Callum would like it, or that Marilyn and Seth would be comfortable with it. It would be mortifying, and even if they didn’t kick me out the house, I didn’t think I would be able to face them for breakfast the next day. I gripped the edge of the leather sofa as Jonah slowly looked around the room.

He turned his attention to Seth first and helped him up from the floor. They hugged in the way that men do with a pat on the back and exchanged a few words before Jonah turned to Callum; they nodded to each other but didn’t talk. Then Jonah turned to look at me and in that split second I had a much worse wondered, what if he didn’t recognise me? I had been thinking about him this whole time, but it had been a year and my hair is shorter now. It might confuse him. But when he saw me I knew he recognised me. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out and he just stood their staring at me.

“Jonah this is Paloma, Callum’s girlfriend,” Marilyn thankfully stepped in since no one else was gonna introduce us, and I was just as speechless. “I know she’s pretty, but try not to gawk.”

“Right, of course,” Jonah shook his head and held out his hand. “Hi I’m Jonah. Nice to meet you, Paloma.”

I hesitated for a moment, unsure if I touched him that his whole family would instantly know that what we’ve done – that they would all gasp and point their fingers at me and call me a harlot. But then I realised that was ridiculous and it would look weird if I didn’t take shake.

“Nice to meet you too, Jonah.” My words caught a little at the back of my throat, as I slipped my hand into his, but I managed to smile and not squirm too much under his gaze.

His handshake was surprisingly gentle, especially considering that last time we had met he shoved me up against the dressing room mirror so that my tits pushed up against the glass, then grabbed me roughly by the hips while he pounded me from behind. At the wondered of it I could feel my pussy instinctively dampen. I quickly let go of his hand.

As Jonah excused himself to freshen up I resolved to forget about everything that happened between us. But it didn’t do much good since I still felt more than a little awkward when he rejoined us. He kept his distance, mostly staying on other side of the room, and whenever he talked to me it was as part of the group. I know it would’ve been weird for him to be too familiar with his brother’s new girlfriend, but I still wished that we could’ve had the chance to talk properly and clear the air. And I couldn’t help stealing glances towards him.

Still I was feeling sure that a crisis had been avoided, then from somewhere inside the house a clock struck midnight and both Callum and Jonah eagerly scrambled towards the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Seeing my confusion Marilyn explained that when the boys were younger she would put chocolate decorations on the tree and as a treat they would each be able to choose one at midnight on Christmas eve; although now they’re both grown adults it was tradition they continued.

“Go get one too love,” Marilyn smiled at me. “You’re family now.”

I blushed and didn’t really know how to respond to that so I slowly made my way to the tree. Callum had already picked one shaped like Father Christmas and wasted no time tearing off the red foil. I was too busy thinking about what Marilyn had said that I wasn’t paying attention to Jonah.

“Here,” he said handing me a chocolate wrapped in gold foil shaped like two birds in mid-flight.

“Thank you.” I felt my face blush even redder as he slipped it into my hand.

“Turtle-doves. Symbol of love and continuous devotion. Did you know that they mate for life, year after year?” His eyes were fixed on mine and I could barely bring myself meet his gaze. He had never looked at me like that before, so deeply, so intently.

“Aww that’s sweet,” Marilyn said saving me from having to answer. “Did you see that Callum? Your brother is looking out for your girlfriend there, while you’re stuffing your face! And did you hear that about the turtle-doves?” Her eyes lit up as if she could already see out future together. Mine and Callum’s that is.

Callum said something, but he had a mouth full of chocolate so we couldn’t hear what he was saying. Both Marilyn and Seth told him not to talk with his mouthful, and while their attention was preoccupied Jonah slipped a candy cane into his mouth and winked at me. Involuntarily, I licked my lips as I watched him suck on the sweet, peppermint flavoured pole, and I could feel my pulse start to rise.

As I returned back to my seat I felt dizzy and light headed. I sat there turning the chocolate turtle-doves around in my hands, contemplating what Jonah had said. Shortly afterwards Seth and Marilyn excused themselves and headed to bed. Then Callum said he was tired, and that was our cue to leave.

Once we were settled in bed, I slipped my hand down Callum’s boxer shorts and began to rub his flaccid cock. But he pushed me off and said not with his parents in the next room. He then rolled over, turning his back to me and promptly fell asleep. That was over an hour ago and I’m still wide awake, unable to stop thinking about what Jonah said.

What did Jonah mean about mating for life – year after year. Marilyn clearly wondered he was talking about me and Callum getting married and popping out kids, and that was his way of giving me his approval. But I’ve only been with Callum four months, it’s too soon to be thinking about such things. I’ve known Jonah for much longer. Years and years we’ve been hooking up; I call it fucking, but some might call it mating. Did he want to continue our little tradition? Though he must know how inappropriate that is now that I’m dating Callum.

Unless he’s saying he wants me to leave Callum for him? That would be even more ridiculous we’ve only just learnt each others names. I don’t even know his birthday, or his shoe size, or even what brand of toilet roll he prefers. I at least know all these things about Callum. Or maybe he just wondered it would be an interesting fact to distribute with the rest of the family, and I’m overthinking it. Even so he must have known how suggestive he looked sucking on that candy cane. I could scream into my pillow right now, but I don’t want to wake Callum. Instead I reach out and pick up the chocolate turtle-doves from the bedside table. It’s melted slightly and squishes in my hand. What the fuck had Jonah meant when he gave this to me? I suppose I could just go down and ask him, assuming he’s awake. After all we’re both adults.

Quietly as I can I slip out of bed. Callum grunts and turns onto his back, but he doesn’t wake. I run hot in the night, whatever the season, and am only wearing a plain white camisole vest with matching silky shorts. I consider putting my hoodie on over top, but the heating is on and I tell myself that I’ll be too warm.


I don’t see anyone on the landing, and it’s quiet when I reach the bottom of the stairs, only the ticking of the kitchen clock and the sound of a log shifting in the fire. I tiptoe my way to the living room where the fire has burnt down to a pile of smouldering embers, and the cold blue glow from outside filters in through the crack in the curtains.

As I stand in the open doorway it takes me a moment to see Jonah laying under a duvet on the black leather sofa. I can hear his breathing, shallow and steady. His eyes glimmer in the flickering light, and are fixed right on me as if waiting for me to say something. I know should say something, anything, but my throat suddenly feels dry and my stomach is knotting up inside. My grip tightens round the chocolate turtle-doves in my hand.

“I like what you’ve done to your hair,” Jonah finally says. Although his tone is low, it sounds loud in the silence. “It suits you.”

“Thank you.” I blush running a finger through my hair. His eyes drift away from my hair down over my chest, where I am aware of my nipples pushing up against the soft, silky material of my camisole, then down to my bare legs.

“Has Callum seen you with long hair?”

I shake my head. Not that it matters if Callum has seen me with long hair or not, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

“Did you come to see me?” Jonah asks when I still haven’t spoken. His voice low, like a purr.

I nod and as I step towards him Jonah pulls the duvet apart. He’s naked aside from a pair of navy boxer briefs. Even in the dim light I can see the bulge straining against the elasticated material. I stop in my tracks, a small inaudible gasp escaping my lips. This isn’t going the way it should, but I take the chance to properly look at him.

I’ve never seen him naked before. Every time we’ve done it, it’s been quick and stealthy. Sneaking off to discover somewhere quiet, then trousers and underwear down low enough for him to fuck me from behind. His body is a lot more muscular than I’d realised. Either I had never noticed before, or he’s been working out since. My gaze drifts down along his smooth, toned chest towards the bulge in his pants, and I feel my cunt twitch at the memories of him pumping inside me.

“That’s… that’s not what I came here for,” I finally manage to stutter out.

“You sure?” Jonah asks slightly shifting position giving me a clearer view of his erection. “You don’t look sure.”

“Yeah… I’m sure.” I’m aware I would sound a lot more convincing if my voice wasn’t so shaky, and my legs weren’t beginning to visibly tremble. And if I didn’t keep glancing at his crotch as if it were the last mince pie.

“Would it change your mind at all if told you Callum’s a knob? He stole the girl I liked in high school, and now he’s doing it again.”

What is that suppose to mean? He likes me? Well if that’s true he should’ve said something sooner. Did he just assume that I would stay single forever? Presuming he wondered that I was single in the first place. Not that any of it matters now because I’m with Callum. I shake my head.

“I’m not property that can be stolen, or used.” Placing my hands on my hips I try sound offended, but I wonder if in this light he can see the wet patch blooming on my shorts.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that” he apologises, and at least has the decency to look away. This is my cue to say something or walk away, but I’m fixed to the spot, watching Jonah’s bare chest rise and fall with each laboured breath. Jonah then lets out a sigh and tries pushing down his still erect cock. He grimaces, pulling his hand away so that it springs back up.

“Well if you don’t mind, I don’t have anywhere private and need to take care of this,” he says looking up at me. He reaches down under his pants and pulls out his throbbing cock. Exactly as I remember it, perhaps not quite as long as Callum’s, but thicker. He begins to rub his hand down along the shaft. “Feel free to stay.”

I know I shouldn’t but I’m mesmerised. We never wasted much time on foreplay before, all the time getting straight to the point, Jonah taking me from behind each time, so that I have never properly seen him during sex before. Arching himself, he groans, throwing back his head and closing his eyes. I’ve never seen him like this before, so sleek and raw and powerful. Although we are not touching it feels much more intermit as I see a whole new side to him. Not a side I should want to know. A side that gets off on his brother’s girlfriend watching him masturbate – but then I’m no better.

My hand slips under my shorts and begins to rub against my cunt. I felt myself soaking through, but I hadn’t realised just how wet I really am as my juices coat my fingers. I let out a whimper as I continue caressing myself. Jonah notices as he strokes his cock even more vigorously.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable if you’re going to stay?”

There isn’t any point in pretending that this isn’t happening any more. Dropping the turtle-doves to the floor, I slide down my shorts. I make sure to get a wax every Christmas in anticipation of our next meeting, and I know that Jonah can see the arousal dripping between my legs.

“Mmm, good girl,” Jonah licks his lips as if he can already taste me. “Sit on my face.”

I do as he says. He is still laying down on his back, hand stroking his cock. Positioning my knees either side of his shoulders I slowly lower myself down onto his face. His breath tickles the inside of my thighs, as I lean slightly forwards to place my hands either side of his abs for a better hold, allowing him a better view of my now swollen, wet pussy. He lifts his free hand, and grabbing me by the hip he pulls me closer.

I gasp, flinching in shock and pleasure, as his tongue lashes up licking against my entrance. His hips buck slightly as my grip tightens. Still stroking himself, Jonah runs his tongue back and forwards over my opening. Instinctively, I let out a series of low murmurs, until I remember his family are upstairs and I bite down on my bottom lip.

Perhaps taking my silence as displeasure, Jonah takes his hand off from his cock and grabs my other hip bone, pulling me close so that my pussy lies flat, squashed against his mouth. Using his tongue he parts my lips and begins to lick inside me in circular motions. I grip my thighs tighter around him, my nails digging into his skin. His hands guide me as I start to grind back and forth on his face, desperately swallowing back the moans bubbling on my lips.

Jonah’s cock, untouched, stands upright, throbbing in front of me. Big and thick, it would easily fill my mouth and stifle my groans. Leaning forwards I just about reach my lips round its head, while keeping my pussy pressed against his hungry mouth. I feel Jonah moan into my cunt, his chin jutting into my pelvis area. I start slowly teasing my tongue around his tip. His precum tastes sweet as I lap it up.

Jonah shifts beneath me, thrusting his hips up and pushing his dick further into my mouth. Running my tongue round the top of his shaft I open wider to accommodate his girth, but I still cannot get him all in, not without moving away from his swirling tongue. Still rubbing my crotch against his face, I reach out and wrap a hand around the base of his cock and start running my hand up and down the shaft. Jonah bucks his hips even further, hitting his dick against the roof of my mouth but he doesn’t get any deeper.

I draw back and reluctantly pull myself away from his face. Jonah grabs at my thighs and my butt trying to pull me back, but it’s no use as I awkwardly turn myself round so that I’m sitting on his stomach facing towards him. His cock twitches against my between my ass cheeks. Clenching I start gyrating my hips.

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without your big, fat cock inside me,” I murmur. And as I feel him pulsing against me I realise it’s true.

“Fuck, I love Christmas,” Jonah pants sitting up to kiss me. I cup his face in my hands, wet and slick with my juices.

“Mmm, you taste good,” I sigh. He thrusts his tongue inside my mouth, giving me a better taste. We’ve kissed before, but never like this. Never so intimately, never so passionately. I run my fingers through his ruffled hair.

He tugs at my top, pulling it up over my head and throws it down by the fire. It’s first time he’s seen me fully naked as he stares at my breasts. They may not be the biggest, but they’re pert and they’re a handful enough as he scoops them into his firm, tender hands and begins to squeeze, massaging his hands down to my hard, erect nipples.

“Fuck I never realised before how perfect your tits are,” he says biting down on them. Grabbing hold of his thighs I arch back, thrusting my nipples against his tongue. He’s gonna leave a mark but I’m too turned onto care. Grinding my soaking cunt, wet with arousal and spit, against him, I start palming at his erection.

“I want to watch them bounce as you ride my cock,” Jonah murmurs into my chest. “I want to see your face as you cum for me.”

His hands slide down my body, cupping round my bare ass cheeks that he knows so well. I let him guide my aching pussy to the throbbing head of his cock. I feel it pushing against me as if alive with its own pulse. Placing my hands on his shoulders I push myself down, impaling myself all the way on his shaft. I’m wet enough that he slides right in as his fat cock stretches me out. We both moan in unison as his balls bounce up slapping against my cheeks. Our embrace tightens as we sit motionless waiting to hear if anyone heard. I hear the sound of our ragged breathing as we try to remain silent, and the sound of my heart beating in my chest. I feel Jonah’s cock twitching deep inside me, and his warm breath on my neck, but nothing else stirs.

“Shh,” Jonah whispers in my hair. His breath tickles and I squirm on top of his cock, pushing him even deeper into me.

Biting back another moan, he lies back down on the couch and runs his hands along the inside of my thighs. I watch the expression on his face as stares up at me, taking in every detail and curve of my body from this new angle. His dark blue eyes are wide, and his face is flushed, glistening from a mixture of sweat, spit and juices. Grabbing hold of his hipbones I slowly start to thrust. My pussy lips barely brush past his trimmed pubic hair.

“Oh Paloma I forgot how tight you are,” Jonah quietly moans as he watches me. It’s the first time he’s used my name since I came downstairs. The sound of it rolling off of his tongue sends shivers through my body.

“Jonah,” I sigh picking up the pace. My tits bounce up and down with each thrust, just like he wanted.

“Paloma,” Jonah moans again sensing the effect he’s having on me. Thrusting his hips up to meet mine he pushes his cock deeper and harder inside me. Our breathing begins to quicken and I can tell he’s close to the edge. I lean back, and grabbing hold of his thighs I slam myself down on his cock, gyrating my hips as I slide back up making sure he fills every inch of me. “Paloma I’m going to cum. You’re driving me wild.”

Jonah then reaches forwards and rubs his thumb against my clit. It’s more than I can take as I feel my orgasm flooding out of me. My toes curl and my finger nails dig into his flesh as I bite down on my lip trying not to scream out his name. It only takes Jonah a second longer I feel is thick, hot cum squirt inside me. I keep on grinding, clenching as I make sure to milk every last drop of him inside me.

Once I am sure I have got it all and I can feel our breathing start to slow I slide off of him. His cum gushes out of me, splashing against his crotch and onto the leather sofa. The remaining drops trickle down the inside of my thigh. Luckily there’s a box of tissues on the coffee table that I use to clean myself up before putting back on my discarded clothes. As I do I can see marks already forming along my breasts. I must be careful Callum doesn’t see them.

“Paloma?” Jonah’s voice is quiet. Barely a whisper. “Please don’t leave just yet.”

I know I should go, Callum is a heavy sleeper but he could still wake. Jonah rolls onto his side pressing himself up again the back of the sofa, and pats the space beside him. It looks so warm and inviting, and I’m not sure if I can face going back up to Callum right now.

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