I let a stranger finger me in the open at a public park [23F]


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We met at a restaurant. I was housesitting out of town and away from my friends, and he was nice and honest. He made a joke about getting choked, paid for my lunch, and took me for a walk at a nearby park with a lake.

This guy was big — broad shoulders, enormous chest, giant hands. Not my usual type but I was craving some male attention. We passed a few people and wound up around a bend sitting next to the water. There was no tall grass, no trees, nothing except the bend in the trail to hide us. We chatted and he leaned in closer. Call me naïve but I wondered nothing would happen — he said he just liked talking about sex so I’d dismissed any hopes. Then his mouth was on mine and I lost any shred common sense.

I sat on his lap and pushed him to his back. His hands were under my shirt and snaked around to grab my tits while I slid my tongue into his mouth. I was wearing loose jeans — I’d been cursing them because they’d kept slipping down — and they were suddenly perfect for him to push past and grab my ass. He spanked me so I sped up grinding against him.

Then I got loud. I was still struggling with his belt when he snaked his hand around and pressed his large fingers into my pussy. This man held me against him while he finger-fucked me on the ground. He shushed me a couple times but I was totally lost in the moment and moaned enough to wake the block.

Before I could cum, he called it quits. Apparently he’d heard people behind us when we were walking and they’d probably caught up by now. He stuck his fingers in my mouth while he readjusted his belt and said we should move on.

Of course I’d never let him get away that easy, so I led him onto a wooded trail and took down his pants the moment we seemed hidden. My knees dug into the twigs & dirt but I ended up with a face covered in cum so it was absolutely worth it.

NSFW: yes

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