I (F18) got my first taste of “real” taboo sex.


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alright so, yes i have been spat on/slapped around/spanked – BUT i’ve been communicating for awhile with someone “experienced” in bdsm and other kinks.

we discussed raceplay, cnc, ddlg, candleplay, and honestly too many to name.

he immediately jumped into harsher kinks/fetishes once we met up. i worshipped his dick and he called me numerous slurs, also writing them onto me.

afterwards he forced me into numerous positions to hold, while whipping me and telling me to call myself degrading things like “teen fuckhole” “monkey worshipper” “soon to be mommy”

once he began actually fucking me, it was very pleasurable (dont get me wrong my cunt was soaked while having my ass fingered and calling myself a porno bitch) despite my cunt being stretched out by him.

he wouldn’t stop fucking me until i squirted which led to me being pounded in both holes for roughly 1.5 hours.

once i did squirt, he immediately shoved his cock into my ass telling me its what i “deserved” and cumming into it soon after.

and yes, he did make me eat it.

i’m still extremely sore, but honestly i’d definitely do it again

NSFW: yes

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