I Just Fucked My Other Friend’s Wife, Again. Part 4 (MF)


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It had now been about six weeks since the Forth of July party where I fucked both Robin and Amanda; both of whom were married to my friends. Since that faithful night, I had fucked Amanda twice more; both times at my place. I was beginning to look forward to her appearances at my front door. She was a beast when it came to sex. She knew what she wanted and was not afraid to tell you and take control. Amanda also had the biggest set of tits I had ever had the privilege of having in my hands on. So, I started to tell Amanda when my days off work were falling, in case she could sneak away. I knew it was wrong and that this was my friend’s wife. But, I just could not help myself.

It was Friday evening and I was sitting at home watching a game on TV when my front door bell went off. Thinking it was Amanda, I jumped up to answer it. When I opened the door, it was, in fact, Robin. She practically flew into my arms. I must have had a massive look of confusion on my face. Robin said, “Amanda called me. She said that she could not get away and for me to come see you. She told me I should go in her place.” I was still in a state of shock. These two women were passing me back and forth between them both. “I hope you don’t mind. Brent is out of town this weekend and this was perfect timing.” Robin got up on her tip toes and kissed me.

I was expecting Amanda, but Robin has her own set of attributes that I really liked. Her squirting, for instance, when she came was a massive turn on for me. So, I closed the door and asked Robin if she wanted a drink. We went out on my back patio and talked for almost an hour. Robin told me all about the problems her and Brent were having; including his erectile issues. What I did not know was that she had caught Brent having an affair with his secretary more than a year ago. I asked her why she stayed. “He begged me to forgive him. Begged and pleaded for months and months. I think that is why he can’t get it up. He feels too guilty.” And just like that, I was committed.

It started to rain and I asked Robin if she wanted to go inside. It was a warm rain and not really bothering me. “Have you ever had sex in the rain, David?” I got the impression it was not a question because Robin stood up and started to take off all her clothes. Once she was naked, she started dancing around in the rain. Watching her boobs bounce around as she danced in the rain got me rock hard. I got naked and joined her. Robin jumped into my arms and we began to kiss. Our tongues began to dance in each other’s mouth.

Robin then dropped to her knees and began to give me a blow job right there in the rain. It was a huge turn on getting my dick sucked outside and in the rain. She was not the best at giving head. But, I definitely enjoyed myself. I reached down and began to push Robin’s head farther down my shaft. Robin reached up and pushed on my hand to go harder. So, with one final push, I felt her open her throat and my cock slipped into her throat. No gag reflex either. She was running her tongue up the underside of my shaft while keeping my cock lodged in her throat. Robin did have to stop and restart several times to get air. But, she seemed to enjoy taking in as much as she could.

After a few minutes, I pulled Robin to her feet and then picked her up by her ass cheeks. I carried her into the house as we kissed. Once I got to the living room, I let Robin down, turned her around and bent her over the arm of the couch. I ran the head of my cock up and down her slit, getting it nice and wet. Once I had it lined up correctly, I pushed forward; sliding all the way inside of Robin until my pubic bone hit her gorgeous ass. Then, I started to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Robin did not have to be quiet this time. She was very vocal about having my cock inside her. She loved talking dirty. She kept telling me to fuck her, and treat her like a dirty whore, and to use her as a cum dump.

I had to admit, it was turning me on. As I started to bang her with fast, hard strokes, Robin’s first orgasm hit. Let me tell you. I was very glad I had hardwood floors. It was like she sprung a leak. The harder I fucked her, the more liquid would drip down all four of our legs. I couldn’t really tell if she was having several orgasms in a row, or just a very long one. But, I grabbed her hair, forcing her up and her back to arch. Watching those big breasts bounce as I pounded into her over and over is what did it for me. I slammed all the way inside and blasted her with a massive load of my cum. And, as soon as she felt me cum inside her, she let out a massive scream that she was cumming again.

Once we were both finished cumming, I pulled out and went in search of towels to clean up the mess. Robin had slid down to the floor because her legs could not hold her up after cumming as hard as she did. I just did a quick clean and then left the towels where they were. I picked Robin up and carried her to the shower. After a few minutes, she was able to stand on her own again. Now, my shower is one of the reasons I bought my house. It was a massive walk in shower with dual heads on either side and a rain shower head on the top middle. Robin and I were making out when she told me she wanted me to take her ass.

“I made you a promise that you could have my ass the next time we fucked. And, I always keep my promises.” She grabbed my conditioner and lubed up my cock and her ass. I reached over and turned off the shower so it would not wash away our lube. Robin bent down and placed both hands on the on the shower bench. I stepped up to her, found the best angle, and pushed the head of my cock inside her ass. This caused Robin to take in a massive gulp of air. Her ass was incredibly tight. She looked back at me and said, “Please go slow. This is my first time doing anal.” Holy fuck, she was giving me her anal virginity.

I slowly worked in most of my cock inside her bowels before I started to fuck her ass nice and slow. After a few minutes, Robin told me I could go faster. So, I started to pick up the pace. At some point, Robin’s pain turned to pleasure because she screamed out that she was cumming. As her orgasm hit, a massive stream of liquid came shooting out of her pussy. Since we were in the shower, it was not a big deal. I continued to fuck her ass as she continued to cum. The liquid coming out of her eventually slowed to a trickle about the time I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. I was about to cum. I pulled Robin up where her back was now touching my chest; giving me perfect access to her tits. I grabbed a tit in each hand and started to pinch and pull her nipples. I only lasted a few more seconds before I sent a massive load of cum deep into her bowels.

We stayed in that position for another couple of minutes before Robin pushed me out of her ass. I turned the water back on and we both spent some time cleaning each other. Once we finished and dried off, we both passed out in my bed. The next morning, I got woken up by someone pounding on my door. I pulled on a pair of shorts and went to chew some ass for waking me up so early. It was Amanda. She was in a state of panic. Brent had come home early to an empty house. He was over at Amanda and Tony’s place; but, would not be there long. Amanda woke up Robin and the two came up with some bullshit story she could tell her husband.

Robin practically flew out the door. But, not before thanking me for a great night. Once she was gone, Amanda was giggling. “What the fuck is so funny?” I asked. “Robin said her ass was sore and that she would be shitting cum for a week.” Now that made be laugh. Amanda walked over to me and said, “You got anything left in those balls for a quickie?” She walked up to me and kissed me. “For you, I will give it my all.” I fucked Amanda in the exact same spot on the couch arm that I had fucked Robin 12 hours earlier. Made her cum twice before I blew whatever seed I had left in my balls up inside her. Kissed her goodbye and went back to bed. “Jesus Christ” I wondered to myself. I am begging to get caught.

NSFW: yes

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