Me and my girlfriend teaming up


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Me and my girlfriend got a ride with some friends to a rave and we couldn’t get ahold of them after it was over . We were stranded but My girlfriend met some randoms , they offered us a ride home . my girlfriend mentioned she told these two guys I was just a friend and I was ok with it. My girlfriend jumps in the passenger seat and I jump in the back with the drivers friend, my girlfriend takes off her seat belt and proceeded to suck this guy off in front us and I’m shocked but turned on and intrigued

The dude in the backseat looks at me and asked me if I was down to give him some head , I figured my girlfriend was sucking dick so I better do the same . I take out his cock and he immediately pushed my head down with no patience and I open begin sucking . The sound of my girlfriend sucking dick was turning me tbh and I could feel this guy heavy hand on my head

The driver tells his friend he wants to pull over and enjoy it , I put my head up to see where they are taking us and I can see the exit and the guy immediately pushes my head back down . im purposely making a mess of myself but this dude is enjoying ithe sloppy mess. The driver finally pulls over and rolls down all the windows because it smells like sweat & cock ,
I could hear the driver asking my girlfriend if she wanted to fuck , I was shocked but still turned on . The guy slowly takes his dick out my mouth and asked me if I want him to fuck me , I said it’s up to him . I figured I was gonna straddle him and ride his cock but he steps out the car and asked me to get on all fours . I pull my shorts down and My ass is hanging out the backseat and he begins pounding me . Im staring at my girlfriend and I can see her straddling this guy riding him .
she loving that dick , her eyes were twitching and she was loud !! Louder than anytime we had sex . This dude is gripping my hips just going deep in my ass with no care if anyone seen him .
all of sudden I can hear the driver moaning because he just busted in my girlfriend. The friend asked me if I wanted to suck his dick and I said he should bust in the condom . he finally explodes in my ass and I feel it pulse my asshole. we got dropped off my girlfriend admitted they gave her some party favors behind my back and I was sure I was a cuck in her adventures

NSFW: yes

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