I had my best time in a washroom when i was 19 [26F]

(This turned out longer than I expected, sorry.)

A few years ago, I was on a summer language program in France. I was 19 at the time, now 26 so about 7 years ago. At that point, I had only been in one long term relationship which had been fairly vanilla and which had ended about a month before the program started. I’m fairly shy, so I mostly hung out with the other girls from my university at the language college there (there were lots of people from other universities as well).

Then, I got paired up with a guy, Ben, for a scavenger hunt we had to complete for an assignment. It turned out to be really fun and he asked me out and after a few dates we started going out, with the understanding that it would be only a summer thing since he went to university on the opposite end of the country from me. He introduced me to many of the kinks I love. Perhaps it was the fact that it was a short-term thing, or the disconnection from my “real” life back home, but I ended up exploring a lot sexually with him. Some of the stuff he introduced me to included hair pulling, spanking, master/slave play, and maledom/femsub in general.

Anyway, about a month later, I let it slip that I was intrigued by the idea of multiple guys, as in mfm or gangbangs. Contextually, my birthday was approaching, towards the end of July. He revealed he actually was into the idea too and decided to try to plan something as a birthday treat for me. He didn’t tell me what he had planned but leading up to it, he checked in repeatedly to make sure I was down and then came the day.

He told me to not wear underwear that day and to meet him by a classroom after classes had ended. I got to that part of the college (clearly he had planned well since it turned out that wing of rooms was rarely used during the summer courses) and he was already waiting and pulled me in for an aggressive kiss, grabbing my ass and lifting my skirt a little. Then I heard footsteps echoing from the corner and started pulling away but got more confused and panicked as he smirked and kept his hand clenching my ass. Then around the corner walked one of his friends, Jacky, who I had met and talked to a little from classes and just group hangouts.

Brief interruption for physical descriptions. Ben was 20, Italian American with light olive skin, 6ft and built fairly well, on the thiccer end with a soft layer of fat hiding his muscles, so he was almost deceptively chubby. Jacky was 21 from china and 5’10, average create, but on the skinnier end.

After taking a look in both directions, Ben opened the door to the handicap bathroom we were standing next to and let me and Jacky in before locking the door behind him. There was an awkward moment where I looked at Jacky and he looked at me which didn’t last as Ben pushed me against the wall and continued where he left off, one hand lifting my shirt up revealing my breasts while kissing and playing with my nipples. After a minute, he pulled away and told me to take off my shirt. I obeyed and he walked behind me and started playing with my clit as I was turned to face Jacky who stepped up and started pulling and licking my nipples. I felt Ben’s bulge rub against my ass and soaked his fingers. I started moaning and I distinctly remember him whispering in my ear, “You okay? Ready for more?” in such a sweet tone, in that moment I was like ‘is this feeling love?’ (lol) I nodded and he pulled his fingers away.

He told Jacky to go sit on the toilet and had me face him while he stood behind me. He pushed my neck down until I was face to face with Jacky which made me look away because of how awkward and embarrassing the position was. “Jerk him off until I tell you to stop, slut” He said and I pulled out Jacky’s hardening cock and spit on it before starting to stroke. Jacky pulled my face closer, putting his hand on the back of my head and started making out with me as I felt Ben’s hand lift off my neck. He started eating me out and I couldn’t help but moan as he spanked me at the same time. After a few minutes, I pulled away from the kiss and placed my hands on Jacky’s thighs as I came, Ben standing up and calling me a good girl as my legs were shaky.

He pulled out his cock and rubbed it against my wet lips for a bit, then pushed in, making my mouth gape open in a loud moan. He pushed it all the way in then pushed my head down and getting the message, I begin sucking Jacky who at this point closes his eyes and pushes his fingers through my hair, his cock throbbing. Ben goes faster and the movement makes my head go down more and I gag a little, giving a super sloppy blowjob. Jacky tenses and visibly clenches his jaw and closes his eyes, trying to hold on a little longer. “Swallow it all” Ben grunts from behind and I keep my lips around Jacky’s cock as he releases his cum into my mouth which I swallow.

Pulling me back up using my hair, Ben makes me arch my back as he fucks me harder in the easier position. He gets close and letting me off, he turns me around quickly and puts me on my knees. I look up and open my mouth and he smiles looking down, jerking for a few seconds before cumming on my face.

After that, basically Jacky left while Ben helped me clean up a bit. Just wondered I’d distribute my favorite experience which really has sparked some fantasies

NSFW: yes

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