I got fucked with my best friend sitting next to us

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I don’t even really know how this happened but I was hanging out with a guy I’ve been hooking up with (long time friend) and my best friend. We were bored watching TV so to pass the time I stuck my hand down my guy friends pants and started playing with his cock. Obviously he was enjoying it, and I personally love risky sex so I wasn’t gonna stop.
My friend didn’t notice at first so I decided to take things a little further. I started sucking him off and this is where my best friend realized what was going on. She didn’t say anything, just looked at me in shock, but I wasn’t gonna let that ruin my fun. I kept going and eventually I took my panties off and you can guess what happened next. I should mention there was no where for my friend to go, since I live in a small studio apartment and he was her ride home!
Now is where she realized the full extent of what was going on, she was stuck next to her two friends fucking on the couch. I was generous and offered to distribute but she passed! Lucky me, I got to enjoy him all for myself. We kept going until he came inside me and went back to watching TV like nothing ever happened.
I felt great! But she told me afterwards that her ride home was awkward to say the least. 10/10 would do it again.

NSFW: yes