I got eaten out by a female coworker – and now I am a naughty hotwife

I have been married for a long time and for a good chunk of our marriage we were in a dead bedroom. We openly communicate and talked quite a bit how to “fix” things, to no avail. However, it all changed when I went day drinking with a female co worker. Several shots in, she confided in me she is married but craves women. Her husband doesn’t approve of these activities. That instantly changed the vibe of the day. She was flirty, caressing my leg, and would drunkedly kiss me to get the guys in the bar all fired up. Too drunk to drive home, we caught a ride back to her empty house.

I hadn’t sat down for longer than 2 min and she was on top of me aggressively kissing me and ripping my shorts off. As the shorts came off, so did my bikini top. She had an insatiable urge to taste me… everywhere. While she was rougher than I would typically prefer (we are talking scratching and bruises), the moment itself was incredibly hot. As she was sucking on my clit and fingering me, my phone rang. It was my husband wondering when I was coming home. I drunkly replied “she is eating me out right now, it’s going to be a little while.” He laughed and said “pics or it didn’t happen.” He got his pics.

That moment – lit a fire in me. My husband and I had candid conversations about diving into the world of swinging and wife sharing. 5 years later – We are happier and hornier than ever.

NSFW: yes

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