I got double penetrated for the first time. [26F] – Short Sex Story

I went out of town to visit some school friends and I got to see the guy I got dickmatized by my senior year. Like when I tell you this man wrecked my life after we had sex the first time. I started acting crazy and shit and I couldn’t come back to my senses until after I went home for a bit. It was funny because he almost got mad at me because I came over so late that he wondered I wasn’t coming.

When I got over there I sat on his bed and we talked for a little like we normally do and then for whatever reason I ended up standing up and he stood behind me and started rubbing my butt and my boobs and then I turned around and kissed him and he lead me out to the living room on the couch and he started eating me out. He’s on of those guys that likes eating pussy and he does it soooo fucking well and then he turned me over and started fucking me from behind. He pulled a vibrator out of nowhere and started rubbing my clit with it then he flipped me back over and fucked me more while I held it. After what was maybe 20 or so minutes he took me back to his room and got on his bed and then he fucked me from behind again before I got on top. Side note I hate trying to ride a guy and the bed just keeps moving around because I’m a tall bitch and I have a lot of thickness on me so something about a bed bouncing around and the headboard smacking the wall throws me off maybe I get self conscious subconsciously but idk. But anyway he ended up flipping me back over and he told me to ride his face which I did happily. I normally try not to move too much because like I said a lot of thickness but I didn’t care much today and I just went for it and made a little mess.

So when I get off he looked me straight in the eye and goes “you’re not gonna lick my face off” ? And I fucking melted, and that honestly just made me wet all over again. He started fucking me from behind again and then started fingering my ass, then I felt him put lube on it and he told me to hand him this dildo he had put on the bed earlier. It took a little bit of work because it wasn’t a small dildo and I don’t do anal very often but he managed to get it all the way into my ass and then he just started pounding me. With the way he was stroking the dildo was going in and out with his dick and It felt soooo fucking good. I’d at all times been curious about what it felt like and it was wayyy better than I had suspected. I came pretty quickly after that and I just laid there like the slut I am while he came on my ass. I definitely wanna do it again but with two guys instead of one guy and a dildo.

NSFW: yes

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