I fucked my friend’s boyfriend (M36/F34) (Anal)

Beth and I had been friends for at least five years and she had been dating Chase for around six months. While at lunch with Beth and Chase, I mentioned that I really needed a good deep tissue massage. Beth immediately volunteered Chase. She said he has been working as a massage therapist for a few years and has great reviews. I viewed his website and reviews and he seemed legit. Chase even said he would come to my place so we scheduled the deep tissue massage for the next Wednesday at 7pm.
That Wednesday Chase arrived promptly. He was dressed in black slacks and a white button up shirt. He had green eyes, sandy blonde hair, was about 6’1, and medium create. He had me undress and lay on the side of my bed with a light blanket over me. He lit candles and played a nice relaxing Playlist.
The massage was going amazing. He oiled my body and worked out tons of knots in my upper back. Then he made his way to my lower body. By this point I was so relaxed I was almost half awake. His hands felt strong as he massaged my legs. He began to massage my upper thighs and I could feel the lightest touch of his finger graze the lip of my pussy. I didn’t think it was intentional and felt immediately ashamed at how aroused I felt. It had been 8 months since I had any type of sexual touch and I couldn’t stop the inside of my pussy from getting wet. He repeated this for awhile, moving from one side to the other. He began to massage my ass and it was only then that I realized the blanket was no longer covering me. He gently stretched my cheeks aside and began to massage the back of my vulva. I knew I should tell him to stop but it felt amazing. He stopped rubbing my ass and I could feel him straddle me and lean into my ear, “You are extremely tense. Just trust me, we are going to release some of it ok?”
“Ok” I whispered
“Do you want me to go light with what’s next or stick with the deep tissue?” He asked in a deep whisper..
He slowly and gently began to rub my vulva with his hand and his middle finger found my clit.
“Oohh” I moaned quietly.
“Gentle or deep?” He asked again as his my wetness began to drip out of me and onto his hand and fingers.
“Deeeep” I groaned.
With that he spread my legs and entered my pussy with two fingers. He filled me until he was knuckle deep and roughly pressed into my walls. I couldn’t stop myself from grinding into him.
He fucked me hard with his fingers and I could feel myself ready to cum when he slid his thumb into my ass. He slowly slid it in and out and as his fingers pressed into the walls of my soaking wet pussy and his thumb went as far into my ass as it could I came.
“Ohhh. Ohhh. Fuck. Ohhh fuuuckk” I moaned as my body shoke from the orgasm. He pulled his fingers out of me and turned me over. He sat in the middle of the bed with his cock out. He guided me onto his lap and I began riding him, both us sitting up. I leaned back and slid my pussy up and down his cock. I watched him watching his cock move in and out of me. He played with my tits and nipples as I kept all of his cock buried in my pussy and grinded him.
He slid his finger back in my ass and pulled me into him.
“You like when I play with your ass?” He asked as he grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked my head back.
“Ohhh yes. Don’t stop” I moaned.
“Ride my dick with your ass.”
I pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly let him enter my ass. As the head of his cock made way I could feel him stretch me. It hurt but I didn’t stop. We stayed slow until he began to glide more easily in and out of my ass.
“God damn” he groaned as I increased my pace.
Then he grabbed my hips and I wrapped my arms around him as he began pounding my ass. He held my body in place as he rammed himself in and out of me.
I dug my nails into his back and was in between moaning and screaming when I started to cum again.
“Ohhh yes pound my ass. Oh God don’t stop Chase. Fuuuuuck. I’m cumming. Chase I’m cumming. Ohhhh. Ohhhh.” He slammed himself into me one last time and held himself in me as he loaded my asshole full of his thick hot cum. I climbed off of him and we began to get dressed. “We need to keep that tension under control. I’ll see you next week.”

NSFW: yes

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