I fucked in front of Friends and I loved it. [26F]

I love risky public sex. It gives a rush that almost no other types of fucking provides. Getting caught is the single biggest thrill that can make an orgasm go from great to fan-fucking-tastic almost instantly.

But the issue is that sometimes you don’t get caught. Risky is fun, but when it’s the being SEEN that’s the best bit it can be disappointing when no one turns up.

So I’ve turned full exhibitionist. Every opportunity I get, I openly fuck in front of my friends.

It started with my housemate. I banned myself from fucking in my bed and now only do it around the house when I know she’s home. I’ve now done it so often that she’s even stopped getting annoyed!

I also do stuff in front of friends. There’s the easy times when I’ve been sharing a room and I’ve brought guys back, but also doing blatant stuff while out with them on nights out.

NSFW: yes

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